Book Review: Age of Innocence by Eliza Lloyd

Age of Innocence by Eliza LloydTitle: Age of Innocence
Series: Mad Duchesses, Book 3
Author: Eliza Lloyd
Genre: Historical Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: June 18, 2014 by Ellora’s Cave

The twice-widowed Duchess of Burnham is thrilled to finally have a fit, younger husband and imagines nights filled with the kind of passion she missed in her first two marriages. Lettie is every man’s dream—voluptuous and sensual.

The Honorable Ferdinand Ford is horrified to find out his family has made a match for him. Marriage is the last thing he wants. Ferd is the consummate man about town except he has a secret—he has very little experience with women and has taken great pains to avoid them. Experienced Lettie is all that he fears.

Lettie might be a little mad to pin all her hopes for happiness in a man who doesn’t want her for a wife. She knows that nights in her bed will be all that is needed to convince him she is a wife worth having.

Book Review: Kelly’s Woman by Kirstie Abbot

Kelly’s Woman by Kirstie AbbotTitle: Kelly’s Woman
Author: Kirstie Abbot
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: June 18, 2014 by Ellora’s Cave

At a friend’s wedding reception, Sean can’t resist the allure of the chief bridesmaid—Kate, the woman he loved and lost three years earlier. Risking his heart once again, he makes the most of the opportunity to remind her of what had once existed between them.

Kate had loved the Royal Navy officer with all her heart. However, family circumstances had left her no other choice but to drive Sean away. Now her life is very different. When Sean, no longer serving his country, enters her life once more, she can’t turn him away—even though the bitter memory of the breakup that she instigated still stands between them.

When Sean suggests they go away to Scotland for a few days, he’s surprised by Kate’s ready agreement. In the remote cottage their love is rekindled, but it takes a blizzard to erase the past and allow them to start finding out who they really are—together.

Inside Scoop: Includes hints of a blossoming BDSM relationship.

The Longest Night by Kara Braden {Guest Post & Giveaway}

Author Kara Braden is here with us today talking about the setting in her new book The Longest Night. Plus, there’s a giveaway!

Book Review: Sparked by Love by Peggy Bird

Sparked by Love by Peggy BirdTitle: Sparked by Love
Author: Peggy Bird
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: June 16, 2014 by Crimson Romance

Some fussy artist is making Shannon Morgan’s job with the city of Vancouver, Washington, harder than it should be. She’s organizing the huge annual Independence Day celebration, and he’s being impossible. But then, he’s like a couple other men she’s known - her mostly absent father and her disappearing ex-boyfriend, for example.

All Leo Wilson wants is an okay for his plans to install glass fireworks at Fort Vancouver on the Fourth of July. With thousands of people there to see his work, it could be his big career break. If the crabby bureaucrat will get him the permits he needs.

When Leo confronts the cause of his trouble in person, he’s surprised to find a beautiful young woman. Shannon is equally surprised at meeting a sweet, sexy man. Dinner, a movie, and a few torrid kisses take it from spark to flame.

But then the father she’s always wanted as part of her life reappears, accompanied by her ex-boyfriend. Shannon has to decide how far she’s willing to go to have her father around. And find out why he’s with her ex.

If she makes the right decisions, she and Leo will privately create fireworks that rival the pyrotechnics that light up the sky on July Fourth.

Book Review: Just a Dream by Heather Boyd

Just a Dream by Heather BoydTitle: Just a Dream
Series: The Hunt Club Chronicles, Book 4
Author: Heather Boyd
Genre: Historical Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy provided via NetGalley
Published: June 8, 2014 by LLD Press

On the surface, Raphael has everything he needs: good friends, a title, and membership to the decadent Hunt Club where forbidden pleasure can be had at a moments notice. Pretending is not what he wants. Expectations by family and friends keep his feelings for Lord Claymore at bay. When his best friend returns to London in a black mood, Rafe sets out to cheer him up and make Claymore’s upcoming birthday an event to remember.

Shaken and uneasy of his growing attraction to men, James has reached an uncomfortable crossroads in his well-ordered, respectable life. Plans to end his torment on his birthday are mere days away. However, his intention to explore forbidden passion just once comes unstuck. Can James follow through with his well-reasoned, sensible decision when a man who knows what he wants, needs him too?

Book Review: Prince of Luster by Candace Sams

Prince of Luster by Candace SamsTitle: Prince of Luster
Author: Candace Sams
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction
Sensuality Rating: Innocent/Mild/Sensual/Steamy/Erotic
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: July 14, 2014 by Crimson Romance

As an undercover operative for the Constellation League, Marcos Starlaw’s current assignment is a dangerous mission. Posing as a low-end gem merchant, he must infiltrate the Delta Seven mining colony to discern whether pirates have overrun the planet as his superiors suspect. Still, he expects to return home soon, back into the arms of the many women who eagerly await his return.

Burned and scarred by torture, Nova Drayton has lived the past two years in a cave, waiting for someone to help her people. The governor of her home world is a lying, thieving traitor who has taken up with the Limaxian pirates that have overrun her society. They’ve killed many innocents, including her parents and fiancé. Realizing law enforcers may never come—that they’ve likely forgotten their promise to so much as patrol her beleaguered colony—Nova now hates everything having to do with the vaunted Constellation League and its pretentious officers.

When Marcos comes face to face with the pirates and a weapon of mass destruction, he makes a critical mistake, blowing his cover. If Nova doesn’t help Marcos escape the pirates … well, he’s already one heartbeat away from taking his last breath. How can he convince a girl who’s lived through hell that he’s the one she’s been waiting for?

With nothing left but their own ingenuity, the pair must find a way to ally or die at the hands of cutthroats.

Book Review: Second Helpings by Charlie Cochrane

Second Helpings by Charlie CochraneTitle: Second Helpings
Author: Charlie Cochrane
Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided via NetGalley
Published: July 21, 2014 by Riptide Publishing

Stuart Collins’s life might as well have ended a year ago when his partner died in a car crash. Even Stuart’s widowed father has found new love with an old friend, Isabel Franklin, so why can’t Stuart be bothered to try?

Then he gets a phone call from Isabel’s son, Paul, who wants to check out whether or not Mr. Collins is good enough for his mother. During dinner together, though, they end up checking out each other. Trouble is, Paul’s got a boyfriend—or maybe he doesn’t, since the boyfriend’s supposedly giving Paul the push by ignoring him. Or maybe Paul just wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Honesty with each other is the only way to move forward. But maybe honesty with themselves is what they really need.