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Author Dee Tenorio is here with us today talking about the author and talking about yourself. Welcome to The Book Vixen Dee!

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There are few things most authors dislike more than to describe ourselves. Like photographers, we like to be behind the camera and point that all-focusing lens on other people much the way one would trip the person next to you while you run from a tiger. Better someone fictional than us, you know?

It's just not that comfortable to talk about yourself. Especially when your job involves taking a person's character apart and finding their weaknesses for you to exploit before you reward them with a happy ending. Take me, for example. If another writer were to get a hold of me, it'd be a field day of exploitation.

Dee Tenorio, romance writer, lives a quiet life with her husband and children. By day, she's unassuming, though considered colorful by her friends. But should anyone look beneath the surface, Dee has secrets. Dangerous secrets. Ones that hide in the shadows, waiting for the darkest hours to torment her…

And that would be just the start! 

Someone knows her deepest fear. With every step forward she takes, she grows closer to her secret being revealed. The only one she can turn to for help is the last person she wants to burden—her husband. If he knew her weakness, would he be her greatest ally or the one she should fear the most? Whether she trusts him or not, she's in a race against time and she could lose more than her secrets. She could lose everything!

Wow, imagine if my deep dark secret was worse than being horribly afraid of the dark! (By the way, yeah, my hubby helps me out with it all the time, LOL)

But, I guess that doesn't tell you much about me except that I'm slightly melodramatic, LOL. So, time to be a bit more forthcoming.

Hi, I'm Dee. I'm a fairly straight-forward person. I love my husband, I love my kids and I hate doing dishes. I'm not as poisonous a cook as most people think but...well, I won't be impressing Gordon Ramsey anytime soon. (Not unless he secretly enjoys PB & J.) My kids rule my life—but don't tell them that, I'll never live it down. I write romance. I love a great suspense, I hope I write great passion and I dream of writing a book people remember forever. (I never said I wasn't ambitious.)

I'm not a fan of having my picture taken, I crack jokes when I'm nervous and no amount of brushing will tame my hair. I'm secretly shy. My mom is one of my very best friends. I hate summer and despite my OCD tendencies, my office is a mess. I have possibly the worst black thumb known to man. I am an unrepentant carnivore.

And I absolutely love a good story.

So basically, I'm a lot like everyone else (though I'll venture the guess that having the lights go out on most of you doesn't turn you into a knuckle-biting, shivering screamer.).  I just happen to share my occasionally frightening imagination with as many people as I can. (Oh, and I'm kinda loud. Almost forgot.)

So, what does any if this mean? Well, I thought it was fair to turn the lens on myself, after the way I'd used it to magnify all the details of my characters in Trust In Me.  Susie Packard, in particular, because she was so mysterious about herself in the previous book of the series. I just had to get into the nitty-gritty of her.

Susie's not afraid of the dark, of course. But she is afraid of letting people see who she really is. She's afraid of good things happening to her, because she's sure it's the last stop before total destruction. Susie's also slightly melodramatic, but I promise, she has good reason. She's angry, deep inside. And very, very hurt. But also capable of great forgiveness. I liked that most about her. Surly, sarcastic, wry. But she's also longing. She has so much heart, to hold on the way she does.

And then there was Locke, the hero. A man who had sacrificed so much for the good of his family, he's new to being in a relationship and he makes mistakes. He's also used to deciding what's best for everyone and getting it done without consulting anyone first. (I bet you can see what gets him in trouble) Though he's a big, dominant male, he's also a family man down the ground. A born nurturer, he's silently supportive and generous. When Susie's secrets begin coming out, he's willing to follow her to the ends of the earth to keep her safe. A protector with the capacity to love unconditionally.

They both are the type to love hard and completely. How could I, with traits like mine, possibly ignore them? It's simple, I couldn't. Because there's one trait of mine I didn't list up there: Sucker for love.

So sue me. I break for hearts and flowers (and angst and heartbreak and reunion).

How about you? What traits about yourself do you like best? Any phobias a scaredy-cat like me can commiserate with you over? What are you a sucker for? Answer any of these in the comments (plus fill out the Rafflecopter form) and and I’ll enter you in a contest for e-copies of the both The Virgin’s Revenge and Trust In Me, the Jackman books inside the Rancho del Cielo Romance series!


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About the Book

Trust In Me by Dee TenorioTitle: Trust In Me
Series: Rancho Del Cielo, Book 5
Author: Dee Tenorio
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: July 23, 2013 by Samhain Publishing

Sometimes falling in love is the easy part…

Locke Jackman is single, childless…and he has a bad case of empty nest syndrome. For years, as he fought tooth and nail to keep his brothers and sisters together after his parents died, his entire life was focused on his responsibilities.

Now his siblings have all moved on with their lives, and there’s no one around to distract him from his overpowering attraction to his sister’s best friend. Their mutual desire is stunning…but then again, so are the secrets keeping them apart.

Susie Packard’s nightmarish marriage taught her what happens when she gives in to her weakness for powerful men. Too bad the big, stoic frowner across the street—the one who sets her bells jangling just by breathing—has her in his sights.

Try as she might to keep her emotional distance, Locke is determinedly knocking down all her walls. But as much as she wants to be the woman he needs, she knows better than most— passion may have its rewards, but every secret has its price.

Warning: This book contains a hot, modern-day Viking seducing his way to the heart of his woman, a stubborn lingerie designer with a world of secrets and a very deep bathtub… Enjoy!

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  1. I'm a sucker for friends to lovers, brother's bestfriend/sister's bestfriend romance, alpha males, bad boys, grumpy heroes...sorry don't have any phobias.

  2. I totally understand your fear of darkness. In the past I had this too (I always "saw" things that were totally NOT in the room :p ). Now I'm over that but I fear spiders... like... I reeeaaaalllllyyyy fear them! They can move so quick, have to many legs and eyes, and... uuughhh
    Apart from that I also don't like to be in a high place where I can fall. I don't fear heights (truly)but the idea I can fall down... Hate it ;)
    Love the book description and the guest post! Really hope I make a chance ;)

  3. Timitra--Girl, you're my hero! To quote a friend, this book appears to have all your favorite tropes, covered in chocolate, lol. I hope you like it!

    Eline--how'd you get over your fear of the dark. I currently have three or four nightlights to give me the illusion of not being immersed in dark, lol. Ironically, I love heights. They don't bother me at all, lol. The trick for me is to not believe I can fall and hold on tight. :)


  4. Thanks for the fun post and congrats to Dee on the newest release! Umm... I'm the dependable one... much to my chagrin sometimes... I have a bit of OCD but I have that managed...

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! Sounds like a great book!

    I am scared of bugs! I get very bad allergic reactions to them. I avoid going out at night just so I don't get bitten!

  6. I'm pretty much a wuss when it comes to spiders. They are gross and ugly and creepy, and I can't stand to be anywhere near them. Yuck!

    Thank you so much for the post and giveaway! I'd really love to read the books offered, so fingers crossed. :-)

    Best Wishes,
    Lindsey V.

  7. I am afraid of mice! YUCK!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. So, Erin's got it all down and the rest of us are grossed out by genuinely gross things, lol. I just wish vermin could read so they would see the sign to stay out of my house. (Yup, I call spiders vermin, lol) *shudder* Hate bugs. Hate that they seem to do everything in the hundreds and thousands. *gag*

    *shakes* LOL!

  9. I'm scared of heights, spiders and snakes. And rats. And I'm a sucker for kittens...oh, you meant plotlines? The off-limits best friend of the big brother is always a good one -- but I love the "modern-day Viking" description as well...

  10. my best trait is that i am loyal.....

  11. My worst fear is being claustrophobic.

  12. Jodi--I love that trait in a person. It's a gift to have that kind of person in your corner. :)

    Kai--I never had much trouble in that quarter but my sister did. I never envied her that, even getting in a car was a problem unless she had windows open. (And God help you if you tried to make her get in the back seat!) Wishing you luck with it!


  13. A trait I know my friends appreciate is the fact that I never break a confidence. I'm a private person, so it's easy enough for me.

  14. Few things are better than a friend you can trust. I don't really spill secrets too much but that might have more to do with the fact that I don't get out much, lol.


  15. I'm a sucker for a good looking man and a good book.

  16. I am a sucker for helping my kids when they need a favor even though they're adults.