In My Pocket: Coke, Nutella, Mentos, and a Durex Condom (and some other stuff)

The Book Vixen's In My Pocket

In My Pocket is a weekly feature where I share some of the links (bookish and otherwise) that I’ve collected in my Pocket. To find out what Pocket is and how to use it, check out my tutorial on Pocket.

In Brianna's Pocket:

About Brianna: Supermom by day, naughty reader by night. Addicted to chocolate, Twitter, her iPad, her Kindle, and 99¢ Kindle deals. You can follow Brianna on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram.


  1. That reading tracker spreadsheet is amazing! You gonna try it?

    1. It really is! I'm not sure. I saved it on my computer in case I do decide to give it a try. It intimates me though. LOL

  2. I'm thinking of printing up stickers for the blog to put inside books I donate to my library. Like ....

    Donated by :

  3. I should secretly leave my business cards all over.


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