Book Blog Walkers {June 2014}

Book Blog WalkersFrom Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog:

Book Blog Walkers Unite! Alright! Here we go again. I am going to get a little fitness orientated for 2014. I thought it would be super cool if we could get a group together to keep each other on track again! Let’s start Jan with one small goal that could build a good foundation for the rest of the year. So what do you think?  Can you commit to 30 min a day? Can you commit to walking even one day? Remember this is just about getting up and moving.  Even if you are just strolling around the park for 30 min, it totally counts. I am really looking forward to getting my heart a little healthier!

This will be my 3rd month participating in Book Blog Walkers. In April, I walked 186,316 steps. Last month I did 153,026 steps. I got lazy and stopped wearing my Fitbit, which makes a big difference. Since the temps have risen (it’s been in the 70s at 7 am), I’m going to have to go on the dreadmill, which I loathe. I plan to incentivize myself with movies or TV shows while going on the dreadmill. I will probably watch OITNB once a day, and only when I’m on the dreadmill. My goal is to reach 200,000 steps this month.

6/1: 2,020
6/2: 7,459 – Hurt my foot real bad. I can’t put any weight on it.
6/3: 1,998
6/4: 1,204
6/5: 0
6/6: 2,526
6/7: 3,946
Weekly Total: 19,153

ETA: Ever since 6/2, I haven’t been able to go on the treadmill. I can walk on my foot now but it still hurts to walk.

On 6/5, my Fitbit went through a complete wash cycle and the dryer – and it still works!! Color me amazed. The Fitbit One is said to be “splash proof” but it survived being completely submerged in water and ran through the dryer.

As of 6/7: My foot still hurts. I can’t walk on it right. I’m going to have to put Book Blog Walkers off until it gets completely better.

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  1. I gotta do this... hope you feel better soon! I got shin splints yesterday so I'm on ice and ibuprofen :( Boo.

    1. Thanks! I can put some weight on my foot now, so that's progress. I took some ibuprofen yesterday and iced it a bit. My foot has actually be giving me problems for the past couple weeks but it wasn't until Monday night when it got really bad. I just hope I'm able to walk again soon.

      What are shin splints? I hope you're okay.


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