Book Review: Sparked by Love by Peggy Bird

Sparked by Love by Peggy BirdTitle: Sparked by Love
Author: Peggy Bird
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: June 16, 2014 by Crimson Romance

Some fussy artist is making Shannon Morgan’s job with the city of Vancouver, Washington, harder than it should be. She’s organizing the huge annual Independence Day celebration, and he’s being impossible. But then, he’s like a couple other men she’s known - her mostly absent father and her disappearing ex-boyfriend, for example.

All Leo Wilson wants is an okay for his plans to install glass fireworks at Fort Vancouver on the Fourth of July. With thousands of people there to see his work, it could be his big career break. If the crabby bureaucrat will get him the permits he needs.

When Leo confronts the cause of his trouble in person, he’s surprised to find a beautiful young woman. Shannon is equally surprised at meeting a sweet, sexy man. Dinner, a movie, and a few torrid kisses take it from spark to flame.

But then the father she’s always wanted as part of her life reappears, accompanied by her ex-boyfriend. Shannon has to decide how far she’s willing to go to have her father around. And find out why he’s with her ex.

If she makes the right decisions, she and Leo will privately create fireworks that rival the pyrotechnics that light up the sky on July Fourth.

Reviewed By: Laura

Why I Read this Book: I read this one because there was more to it than just the romance. So many times the book’s background is just that, a backdrop for a rehashed kind of story. This book gives its characters depth and real challenges to face while trying to nurture a budding relationship. Also, there’s a doggie. :)

What I Liked: I really liked the banter and care between the lovers. They didn’t really rush into anything, in my opinion, but they also didn’t act like nervous virgins dancing around their desires. I really liked that their occupations took a front seat and were so important to them because a lot of times that can suffer in these kinds of books. While I understand getting caught up in a new romance, I kind of don’t like to see the characters lose so much of themselves.

What I Didn’t Like: While I enjoyed the “drama” surrounding the characters (because I felt it gave them conflict in an otherwise low key story), I felt like the majority of it was dumped on Shannon in a very “let’s make her vulnerable to build her back up” kind of way. It worked out well in this situation, and I think even provided a good amount of character development, but I felt like Leo got off easy just having to create art & “be” in the relationship.

Overall Impression: Sparked by Love was a fun, light read that has the bonus of a furry companion and a nice holiday backdrop. The setting of the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver area) was magnificent and utilized just enough to paint a great picture. This is not a book for those who desire long love scenes as they’re pretty much skimpy, but more for those who enjoy the building up of a relationship and watching it try to stand on its own.

Laura’s Rating:
3 1/2 Frogs

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