Book Review: Grave Phantoms by Jenn Bennett

Grave Phantoms by Jenn BennettTitle: Grave Phantoms
Series: Roaring Twenties, Book 3
Author: Jenn Bennett
Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: bought
Published: May 5, 2015 by Berkley Sensation

Feisty flapper Astrid Magnusson is home from college and yearning for the one thing that’s always been off limits: Bo Yeung, her notorious bootlegging brother’s second-in-command. Unfortunately her dream of an easy reunion proves difficult after a violent storm sends a mysterious yacht crashing into the Magnussons’ docks. What’s worse, the boat disappeared a year ago, and the survivors are acting strangely…

Bo has worked with the Magnusson family for years, doing whatever is needed, including keeping his boss’s younger sister out of trouble—and his hands to himself. Of course, that isn’t so easy after Astrid has a haunting vision about the yacht’s disappearance, plunging them into an underground world of old money and dark magic. Danger will drive them closer together, but surviving their own forbidden feelings could be the bigger risk.

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Reviewed by: Lesley

Why I Read this Book: I absolutely love Jenn Bennett’s Roaring Twenties series. I was really excited to read the third installment, Grave Phantoms. The series is set in prohibition era San Francisco, and each book follows the story of a different member of the Magnusson bootlegging family. Bennett’s world and characters are addicting. Any time I see something that harkens back to the 1920’s or hear a song with a Charleston beat, I find myself itching to get my hands on another Roaring Twenties book. I love diving into this world and playing with ghosts, bootleggers, flappers, and illegal booze.

What I Liked: Bo. I love Bo. Bo Yeung has been such a fun character throughout the series. Starting out as more of Winter’s sidekick and helper in the first book, in Grave Phantoms Bo has worked his way up the ranks and is now a pivotal part of the bootlegging operation, as well as a surrogate member of the Magnusson family. I loved seeing Bo be strong, confident, and capable. Not to mention ridiculously sexy! He retains a lot of the fun playfulness from the earlier books, but now it’s tempered with sex and charm.

Astrid grew on me as I read. There were a few things that annoyed me at the beginning, but I really liked that we were able to watch her grow and learn who she is for herself. I enjoyed seeing the fiery and strong willed side of Astrid, like when she lashes out at a woman’s racist comments, or when she confronts Bo’s former lover.

Watching Bo and Astrid find their footing together and navigate their new relationship was really fun and sweet. This is very much a friends-to-lovers story. It’s also pretty hot. Once Bo sees that Astrid is on the same page, he is all about taking charge. And Astrid knows how to give one hell of a Christmas present!

What I Didn’t Like: The pirate ship/occult ritual story line felt disjointed with the rest of the book. There wasn’t anything wrong with the paranormal aspect of the plot per se. I just didn’t feel like it meshed all that well with the rest of Bo and Astrid’s story line.

Overall Impression: I really enjoyed this one! The fun setting and the amazing cast of characters really did it for me. While this book can technically be read as a standalone, I enjoyed it all the more for having already met the characters in earlier books. Bennett does an amazing job of giving details that immerse you in the time period and setting. A fun, slightly paranormal read.

Lesley’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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  1. Great review. I haven't read this series, but I plan on doing it soon, especially since I love this setting. And I like that it also has some paranormal elements as well.


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