REVIEW: The Chase by Erin McCarthy

Title: The Chase
Series: Fast Track, #4
Author: Erin McCarthy 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: bought
Published: April 2011 by Berkley Sensation

When racing for the checkered flag...

Kendall Holbrook is determined to make it to the top, even with the challenge of being a woman on the male-dominated racing circuit. She doesn’t have time for romance--especially not with racing rival Evan Monroe, the man who nearly crushed her dreams years ago. Forced into meeting up with him, Kendall is experiencing all those old feelings again--and she can’t deny that they still have more than enough chemistry to set fire to the track.

...expect a few speed bumps.

After getting dropped by his biggest sponsor, Evan is watching his racing season go up in flames. Now, the only replacement available is completely humiliating: a co-sponsorship for his-and-her deodorant with Kendall Holbrook--the girl who once broke his heart. Acting like Kendall doesn’t still get him all hot and bothered is bad enough, but the biggest challenge awaits him on the track- where Evan has to decide if a second chance at love is more important than making it to the finish line…

The Chase (Fast Track, #4)

Why I Read this Book: I am hooked on this series! For one, I love contemporary romance novels. For another, I love me some sexy race car drivers. And who doesn’t like hot sex on the hood of a car?!!

What I Liked: I love that the heroine is a female race car driver. She had a dream and went for it. Being once a female in the man’s world of the automotive industry myself, it’s nice to read about females who know a thing or two about turning wrenches.

I appreciate that the author didn’t drag the tension between Kendall and Evan on forever. There was a falling out in their relationship 10 years prior but once given the chance to talk things out, they discovered how silly their break up was and decide to give it another shot.

I know I’m in the minority here but I actually liked the plot twist at the end; it stirred the pot up a little bit for our lovebirds. I thought it brought a realistic conflict to the table and I think it was handled well by the author. It didn’t feel off-base or like it was coming from left field.

What I Didn’t Like: The incomplete ending surrounding the conflicting plot twist. I’m not talking cliffhanger status here but for me things were not wrapped up. Hopefully lose ends will be tied up in the next book in this series as a secondary story arc but I would have rather gotten complete closure now.

Overall Impression: I can’t wait for the next book in this series, Slow Ride, to come out. I am dying to read Tuesday Jones’ story. I don’t want this series to ever end!


The Book Vixen’s Rating:

4 1/2 Frogs

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  1. I agree..I adore this series!!! Great write-up of this fabulous book! Cannot wait for the next book! smiles....

  2. I liked it too :D Hot and fast. But not the best book to read while I was waiting at this place ;D

  3. Great review. I liked the way you pointed out the good and the bad. I will look into reading this book!!

  4. My hubs races cars, so this is a series I definitely have to get into! Love me some hot guys & fast cars!! :D

  5. @Christi Snow

    I cannot wait for Slow Ride to come out!! *SQUEE*


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