Rating System

The Book Vixen uses a 5 frog Rating System:

     5 Frogs - It was AMAZING! Definitely re-read material.
     4 Frogs - We really liked it. Put it on your TBR list.
     3 Frogs - We liked it. Didn't love it but it was still enjoyable.
     2 Frogs – Meh. It was okay. Get it from the library.
     1 Frog - We didn't like it. It wasn't for us.
     DNF - Did Not Finish and we'll tell you why.

The Book Vixen also uses a Sensuality Rating System:

     INNOCENT - kissing is as far as it goes
     MILD - Sex takes place behind closed doors
     SENSUAL - Open bedroom door but no oral sex
     STEAMY - Always just 2 partners, may include oral sex
     EROTIC - Multiple partners, BDSM, 'back door' sex


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