Book Review: Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

Angels Fall by Nora RobertsTitle: Angels Fall
Author: Nora Roberts
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Sensuality Rating: Sensual
Source: bought
Published: May 2007 by Jove

Reece Gilmore has come a long way to see the stunning view below her. As the sole survivor of a brutal crime back East, she has been on the run, desperately fighting the nightmares and panic attacks that haunt her. Reece settles in Angel's Fist, Wyoming-temporarily, at least-and takes a job at a local diner. And now she's hiked this mountain all by herself. It was glorious, she thought, as she peered through her binoculars at the Snake River churning below.

Then Reece saw the man and woman on the opposite bank. Arguing. Fighting. And suddenly, the man was on top of the woman, his hands around her throat . . .

Enjoying a moment of solitude a bit farther down the trail is a gruff loner named Brody. But by the time Reece reaches him and brings him to the scene, the pair has vanished. When authorities comb the area where she saw the attack, they find nothing. No signs of struggle. No freshly turned earth. Not even a tire track.

And no one in Angel's Fist seems to believe her. After all, she's a newcomer in town, with a reputation for being jumpy and jittery-maybe even a little fragile. Maybe it's time to run again, to move on . . .

Reece Gilmore knows there's a killer in Angel's Fist, even if Brody, despite his seeming impatience and desire to keep her at arm's length, is the only one willing to believe her. When a series of menacing events makes it clear that someone wants her out of the way, Reece must put her trust in Brody-and herself-to find out if there is a killer in Angel's Fist before it's too late.

Why I Read this Book: Brie from Romance Around the Corner recommended this one to me. We had had a conversation about Nora Roberts, and about how I hadn’t read any of her books, and Brie said Angels Fall would be a good book to start with. And a good start it was!

What I Liked: Reece and Brody. I loved their back and forth banter. They kept things real. Brody liked to make it sound like he was anti marriage but he was a goner once he met Reece.

I am so glad that Joanie and Brody didn’t pity Reece. Ever. They both just told her to suck it up, get control of herself, and to think straight. And that’s exactly what Reece needed.

The author didn’t make me wait too long to get the 411 on Reece’s past. And when it did come to light, it explained so many things about Reece’s character.

I appreciate that the mystery element wasn’t predictable. I was completely fooled, yet it totally made sense.

What I Didn’t Like: The book was longer than it needed to be. The descriptions and visualizations were great but at times it was so overly descriptive that it felt like I was reading a screenplay. I don’t know if the author wrote the book knowing it was going to be made into a movie; perhaps that’s why some parts were laid out in such great detail. It wasn’t too bothersome but I found myself skimming over some parts.

Overall Impression: Angels Fall was a great cozy romantic suspense novel. It’s a great read when you’re looking for romantic suspense with a little mystery, but nothing too complex.

Brianna’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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  1. I have read alot of Nora Roberts and loved all of them. The movie version of the books are amazing too. Your probably right in thinking her descriptions were for a movie to come.

  2. Glad to hear this is a good place to start with!! I am a huge romance reader, but I've never read Nora Roberts! (I have to admit I was glad to see this was your first! I really thought I was the last holdout!)

    I think I'll look for this one!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  3. I liked the book but was a bit disappointed by the Lifetime Movie.

    1. I haven't seen it but would like to. Wonder if it's on Hulu....?

    2. I don't know, all of Nora's Lifetime movies are worth the watch, I own most of them on DVD and occasionally have a girls night where we'll watch 2-3 of them.

    3. I watched the Angels Fall movie last night and the book was much better. I didn't like Heather Locklear as Reece or the guy that played Brody. Also it felt too short. A lot of stuff from the book was missing in the movie.

  4. I love Nora Roberts. So glad you liked this one. It is one of my favorites. I also love the movies. It is fun tho see character I like brought to life.

    laura thomas

  5. I have seen the movie and did not really like it. The book is still on my TBR because of that. But someday ...

    1. I just saw the movie last night and I can totally see where you're coming from. The book is SO much better.


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