Book Review: Body Magic by Poppy Dennison

Body Magic by Poppy DennisonTitle: Body Magic
Series: Triad, #2
Author: Poppy Dennison
Genre: Paranormal Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy from author
Published: September 2012 by Dreamspinner Press

A pack is only as strong as its weakest member. Rocky Harris knows how the system works. He’s been on the bottom rung his whole life. But when his alpha consigns him to the High Moon Pack to help them improve security, he finds his beliefs not just challenged but outright assaulted.

Cade Montgomery’s confidence took a hit when the pack’s cubs were kidnapped on his watch. He’s prepared to do anything to protect his family, even if it means working with Rocky. Maybe Cade doesn’t trust Rocky, but with the turmoil surrounding pack Alpha Gray’s unpopular decision to break tradition and mate with a mage named Simon, Cade knows more threats are coming.

Then someone declares war on shifters and puts the entire pack in danger. Cade and Rocky will need each other’s strengths to survive the impending battle—and the power of their growing attraction.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: The blurb makes this book sound like it’s about Rocky and Cade when it’s really more of an extension of the romance from book one. I really liked book one so I wasn’t displeased that romance is continued here but it short-changed Rocky and Cade’s romance big time, which disappointed me since it had potential to be awesome.

The Set Up: Rocky is assigned by his harsh Alpha to help with Cade’s pack security, even though Cade’s pack is very different than Rocky expects. Cade feels there is something suspicious with Rocky but his attraction makes it impossible to care. Now Rocky and Cade, along with Cade’s pack, are under attack by the mage and rival wolf packs.

Why I Read this Book: I loved book one in this series so was awaiting the next.

What I Liked: I loved Simon and Gray’s romance in book one and it’s still the romantic focus of this book, which I liked but also disliked since it took the focus from Rocky and Cade. Still, I really love Simon and Gray’s tender and sexy romance so it was great to see more of it here. I also like that Simon and Gray have created a family for themselves with Gray’s son and another child. I like revisiting these characters and seeing how their relationship has strengthened.

I also like the mythos of the world here. There are different kinds of magic and the users are classified as their own races. For instance, shifters have body magic but mage have mind magic. This isn’t a complicated world but it’s a good one full of intrigue and upheaval.

What I Didn’t Like: The synopsis lied to me. Cade and Rocky have very few scenes together, very little sexual intimacy and nearly non-existent emotional intimacy. This pissed me off because they could have been an excellent couple! Cade in anger tells Rocky his emotional issues and then runs away to protect Gray. Rocky’s big reveal isn’t to Cade but to the entire pack. There were so many missed opportunities to develop this romance that I felt cheated. Readers spend more time with Gray and Simon than with Cade and Rocky and though I love that romance, this book promised me Cade and Rocky’s love story! I can only hope that their romance is featured a bit more in book three since the couple from book one overshadow this book.

IMO: I’m still looking forward to book three because I like the world and characters but I hope the lead couple’s romance is more the focus in book three so I don’t feel cheated out of a new romance.

J9’s Rating:
3 Frogs

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