Book Review: Highlander Reborn by Laura Hunsaker

Title: Highlander RebornHighlander Reborn by Laura Hunsaker 
Series: The Nightkind, Book #1
Author: Laura Hunsaker
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy from author
Published: September 30, 2012

Highlander Reborn begins in Scotland, many centuries ago, where a blacksmith fights for his life and his people. His life is forever changed when Amalia, one of the Nightkind, makes the choice to save his life. But first, he has to die...


After Nevin MacLachlan’s wife was killed by a vampire, he made it his mission to hunt them all down. But one late Highland night, in a battle he couldn’t win, one of the Nightkind ripped open his throat. With his blood draining onto the grass, the last thing Nevin sees isn’t a white light; it’s the dark of night closing in on him.

Amalia has been enamored with the blacksmith ever since he first held a stake to her heart. Watching him die was unacceptable. Will he ever forgive her for turning him into what he hates most?

Nevin has lived his life alone for a reason. When Amalia walks back into his life seven centuries later asking for help, he wants nothing more but to turn his back to her. But something about her still calls to him.

Some of the Nightkind in Amalia’s seethe have been killed. It’s up to her to find Nevin and ask for his help. But how can she show Nevin that she isn’t the monster he thinks she is?


Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: This is a good short novella with a perfect blend of historical and paranormal elements but the format made the hero’s change of heart happen like a light switch, which I didn’t like.

The Set Up: In 1304 Scotland blacksmith Nevin hunts vampires who killed his wife. He stalks Amalia but can’t kill her. When Nevin is gravely injured in his vampire fight, Amalia makes the difficult decision to turn him into a vampire. Now seven centuries later Amalia finds Nevin to help save the vampire Nightkind race but Nevin isn’t interested in helping Amalia even though they can’t keep their clothes on around each other.

Why I Read this Book: I like paranormal historicals so this was a no brainer.

What I Liked: I liked the set-up of starting the novella in historical Scotland and then moving the story to present day. This gave some depth to the story and to the characters that I liked. The vampire mythos wasn’t so different than what’s out there but I liked that they’re a culture of their own, the Nightkind. The political intrigue was part of the danger plot to Amalia that reunites her and Nevin. Yes, the danger plot is resolved quickly because this is a short novella but even that worked for me as it wasn’t boring.

I liked Amalia a lot but the best thing about her is that the author says she’s a powerful vampire and then shows it. In too many paranormal romances female characters are described as being powerful but then punk out when confronted with danger and fall back into the damsel in distress—not so here! Amalia flexes her vampire powers for all, even Nevin, to see and I loved that.

The romance happens at lightning speed but is sexy enough so readers likely won’t care much.

What I Didn’t Like: My one real complaint about this short novella is that Nevin starts out disliking Amalia and his change of heart happens instantaneously. I got reader whiplash at how quickly in one paragraph he starts out justifying his hatred of Amalia and ends with vowing to protect her. This was just too quick for me and didn’t offer the emotional satisfaction I look for in romance.

IMO: This is still a good short novella for readers of vampire romance who like their stories sexy and bloody.

J9’s Rating:
3 Frogs


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