Book Review: Blind Devotion by M.D. Grimm

Title: Blind DevotionBlind Devotion by MD Grimm
Series: The Shifters, Book 3
Author: M.D. Grimm
Genre: Paranormal Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy from publisher
Published: August 2012 by Dreamspinner Press

In Haven, Montana, the shifters and their human allies are safe-for now. But that safety hinges on the town's location remaining a secret, and it's about to be compromised.

Cougar shifter Travis Kuger spent the past ten years alternating between craving revenge and wishing he could forget his painful past. Ever since the shifter-hating Knights blinded him and killed his family, Haven-and Sheriff Jack Ulger-have been Travis's refuge.

Travis and Jack know their friendship could be much more, but Jack is part of Haven's ruling wolf shifter pack. If he takes a non-wolf mate, he'll be banished forever. But when one of the Knights infiltrates Haven, love becomes the least of their problems.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: Good MM shifter romance with a balance between sex and story that is too rare in the genre.

The Set Up: Six years ago Travis was blinded by the Knights, a shifter-hate group who killed his family. He lives quietly in a shifter town, Haven, where he’s built a friendship with the wolf-shifter sheriff, Jack. Now Jack wants their relationship to turn intimate but his wolf pack wouldn’t tolerate a cougar shifter as his mate. When a dangerous spy infiltrates Haven, Jack and Travis will have to combine strengths to keep the town safe.

Why I Read this Book: The cover caught my attention and I’m a sucker for MM shifter romances.

What I Liked: I like that Travis and Jack have been friends for six years before becoming a couple. Their friendship is the basis for their love and this makes it a good romance in my opinion. Too often in MM shifter romances the sex is the reason the men are together but that isn’t the case here. As a reader I could see why Travis and Jack treasure each other and want to become life partners. The sex doesn’t dominate the romance but becomes the physical manifestation of their feelings and this makes theirs a strong romance for me.

What I Also Liked: This novella is perfect length for both the plot and the romance. I would have been irritated if the tension involving Jack’s pack’s acceptance of Travis was any longer. As it was, this provided good tension for the romance but didn’t drag. The plot involving the Knights’ spy was perfectly paced and kept my attention so much so that I’ll read the others books in this series. I also liked that though a shorter novella, it still introduced great secondary characters who I can’t wait to read more about, especially the mysterious ancient bear-shifter, Nordik.

What I Didn’t Like: Nothing, this is a strong novella I enjoyed.

IMO: This is an above average MM shifter romance I recommend for fans of the genre like I am.

J9’s Rating:
3 1/2 Frogs

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