Book Review: Wolf Nip by Vivian Arend

Title: Wolf NipWolf Nip by Vivian Arend 
Series: Granite Lake Wolves, Book 6
Author: Vivian Arend
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy from publisher
Published: February 13, 2013 by Samhain Publishing

Cat got your tongue?

Tessa Williams is looking to make her mark outside the family business, and the unusual landlocked paddle wheeler she spots in Haines, Alaska, strikes her as the perfect location. Only the owner is being difficult, refusing to sell. Still, she’s sure that replacing her written queries with a little in-person charm is all she’ll need to shortly have her Eco-tour B&B on the road to success.

Local wolf-slash-owner of said vessel, Mark Weaver, isn’t hanging on to the landmark building out of spite. There are more reasons for holding back the sale than are easily explained on paper. A face-to-face meeting to resolve the matter only confounds it—when Mark recognizes Tessa as his mate.

But she’s a cat…and cats don’t do insta-mates.
The sexual attraction between them isn’t in question, just everything else. He wants her. She wants twue wuv. His wolf can’t figure out what the holdup is. Her cat thinks the entire situation, and the pack, are rather amusing.

Somewhere in here is the beginning of a beautiful relationship—if they don’t drive each other mad.

Warning: One hyper cat, one laid-back wolf. Inappropriate use of permanent markers, and a heaping side dish of cat/dog jokes. Shenanigans (read: nookie) in front of a roaring fire. Spiced liberally with sarcasm. Enjoy!
Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: Solid shifter novella with a low-drama romance that was well balanced with emotional and sexual intimacy.

The Set Up: Tessa is a cougar shifter and arrives in the wolf shifter’s territory to buy a bed and breakfast. Mark is considering selling his home to Tessa but when he meets her, this wolf shifter knows she’s his mate. But Tessa is a cat shifter and doesn’t believe in insta-mates and it’s up to Mark to change her mind.

Why I Read this Book: I’ve enjoyed Vivian Arend’s other books so thought I’d try this one.

What I Liked: I like gentle Mark and fun Tessa. These aren’t the most alpha of shifters and I love them for this normal, every-person quality. Tessa’s humor and wit is a nice balance for the more serious Mark. My heart melted a little at Mark giving Tessa the time she needs to decide if she accepts him as her mate. I will admit that I was glad this was a novella because any longer of a story and I would have been irritated that Tessa held out so long which hurt Mark.

What I Also Liked: I haven’t read many of the others in this series but I liked the community of wolf shifters so well that I may go back and read other couple’s stories, especially the pack Alpha and his deaf mate, Rachel. Part of this novella’s charm is the wolf pack and the members’ interaction with Mark, Tessa and each other, including Mark’s ill grandfather.

What I Didn’t Like: No complaint but an acknowledgement that this is a light book without intense emotions or even much tension. It didn’t bother me as I knew it would just be a fun, uncomplicated romance.

IMO: Series fans will love this novella I suspect but non-series readers looking for a pleasant read should enjoy it as well.

J9’s Rating:
3 Frogs

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  1. It sounds like a book to relax with!! I will definitely will put this on my TBR!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice review, too hot for me, but I know my best friend loves this series.

  3. Good to know others love series as I'd like to read others. Thanks for stopping in!


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