Book Review: Sensei by Karenna Colcroft

Sensei by Karenna ColcroftTitle: Sensei
Author: Karenna Colcroft
Genre: Paranormal Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy from publisher
Published: March 2013 by MLR Press

Over five hundred years ago, Isao Nakamura became ninja. And vampire. Now teaching martial arts in 2012 Boston, Isao is falling for his adult student James, and it's clear James returns his interest. Conflict with the city's vampire clan might lead to James's death--or worse, his turning--if Isao cannot protect him.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: Promising story but the romance felt rushed and a tad unresolved.

The Set Up: Isao was a ninja five hundred years ago when he was turned into a vampire. Now in modern day Boston he teaches martial arts and is falling for James, one of his adult students. But the local vampire clan is after Isao and will use James to do so.

Why I Read this Book: Vampire ninja, uh, duh yeah!

What I Liked: Isao was awesome. He’s a powerful vampire but one with morals and feelings for humanity beyond them being food. He cares for his dojo students and the neighbor dojo anchors. I liked his honor and integrity as a character. James is less described as a character but he’s likable enough.

What I Also Liked: I like the plot with the vampire clan and them wanting Isao either to join or get outta Beantown. The plot paces well and had exactly the ending I thought it would.

What I Didn’t Like: I hate to write a review where I have more dislikes than likes. First, I never understand why the stoic five-hundred year old Isao would fall for James. Their love protestations happen way too suddenly for me and inexplicably. Second, Isao had issue with having a human lover and that was left totally unresolved at novella’s end.

IMO: This isn’t a romance I connected with at all which is a shame because hello, vampire ninja!

J9’s Rating:
1 Frog

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