Release Day Book Review: Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep

Deadly Sting by Jennifer EstepTitle: Deadly Sting
Series: Elemental Assassin, Book 8
Author: Jennifer Estep
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sensuality Rating: Innocent
Source: review copy from publisher via NetGalley
Published: March 26, 2013 by Pocket Books

Red is definitely my color. Good thing, because in my line of work, I end up wearing it a lot.

Most people shy away from blood, but for an assassin like me — Gin Blanco, aka the Spider — it’s just part of the job. Still, it would be nice to get a night off, especially when I’m attending the biggest gala event of the summer at Briartop, Ashland’s fanciest art museum. But it’s just not meant to be. For this exhibition of my late nemesis’ priceless possessions is not only the place to be seen, but the place to be robbed and taken hostage at gunpoint as well. No sooner did I get my champagne than a bunch of the unluckiest thieves ever burst into the museum and started looting the place.

Unlucky why? Because I brought along a couple of knives in addition to my killer dress. Add these to my Ice and Stone magic, and nothing makes me happier than showing the bad guys why red really is my color.

Why I Read this Book: Gin FTW!

What I Liked: Things were done a bit differently in Deadly Sting than in the other books in this series. There is a clever and interesting setup that puts a different spin on things. Things like the main setting, where majority of the book takes places, to more minute details such as Gin's dress. Clever, clever, clever. (Seasoned readers will see what I did there.)

I have always found it fascinating the way Gin’s past correlates with the present and we get to see that again in Deadly Sting through her flashbacks. I was just as anxious to find out how her flashback was going to play out as I was the current story arc. 

I love me some poetic justice so I was very pleased with the karmic ending in Deadly Sting. Someone gets their just deserts and let me tell you, it was quite satisfying. Well played, Gin. Well played.

I like being kept on my toes and that's exactly what the introduction of this mysterious MM Monroe character does. Questions are raised concerning this person and I'm anxious to find out the answers. 

What I Didn’t Like: I am finally caught up with this series and now I actually have to wait five months for the next installment. *pouts*

Memorable Moment:

“What are you waiting for? Let’s dance, bitch.”

“You wanna dance? Clementine asked, her hands closing into fists as she slowly advanced on me. “By the time I get done with you, there won’t even be any bones left to feed the fish.”

“Come over here and say that again, sugar.”

Overall Impression: Jennifer Estep brings something new and different to the table with each new installment in the Elemental Assassin series. Every. Single. Time. This author is full of new and unique ideas and does an amazing job at continuing this series at impressive pace. And with Deadly Sting, it was no different. I was blown away, yet again. I never know what to expect when reading this series, except to expect the unexpected. A solid 5-frogs for the entire series, thus far.

Brianna’s Rating:
5 Frogs

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  1. Wait, what?! YOU READ AHEAD? :O
    lol j/k I'm psyched that you're all caught up and loving this series! I'm slipping. I finished By A Thread in earlier in the month, but it doesn't look like I'll finish Widow's Web in March. I'm going to try, though!

    I'm trying to not even read the book blurbs. I don't want any spoilers. :)

    1. I did, I totally did read ahead :) LOL Just wait until you read WW!!

      Don't read the blurbs until you're caught up.

  2. I have been wanting to read her for a while! I'm so glad you're reading her books! Thanks for the review! Awesome!

    1. I highly recommend this series! It's one of the best series I've read.

  3. I agree with you - this one was a fabulous read... although I now hate the phrase "I don't know." LOL!


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