Book Review: Torque by Chacelyn Pierce

Torque by Chacelyn PierceTitle: Torque
Series: Drag and Drift, Book 2
Author: Chacelyn Pierce
Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy from author
Published: May 10, 2013 by Evernight Publishing

Rance is thrilled to finally meet his friend's roommate he's been eyeing via social media. One problem, the feeling isn't mutual. Hudson wants nothing to do with him and the street racing world. If Rance is anything, he's tenacious, and soon realizes that Hudson's attitude is nothing but a shield over his heart. Winning a race is easy but earning Hudson's affection might prove to be the toughest challenge yet.

It's no secret, Hudson Maas doesn't trust easily, and over the years he's created a thick armor over his heart to keep from getting hurt again. It shouldn't matter, Rance isn't his type and no guy in their right mind would want to date him with his disability. Situations soon demand Hudson must trust the one man he shouldn't. However, depending on Rance seems to go a lot further than a ride home.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: I enjoyed this short story which successfully included an emotional connection between the leads as well as a sexual one. Sure, this happens quickly in one night but it still offers a good snapshot of two men becoming a couple.

The Set Up: Rance street races to relax from his high stress job and at one race he’s finally introduced to Hudson, who Rance has been longing for since seeing his picture on Facebook. Hudson is a self-proclaimed nerd who doesn’t trust easily. Now it’s up to Rance to change Hudson’s mind and see if they could mean something to each other.

Why I Read this Book: I really enjoyed novella one in this series and couldn’t wait for the next.

What I Liked: This author shows talent in developing characters quickly. Readers get to know Rance and his motivations for pursuing Hudson just like we can see Hudson’s stuffy personality and what made him mistrust others. I like that Hudson shows some self-reflection about misjudging Rance and Rance’s easy personality and pursuit of Hudson offers good romance. In such a short novella every single word is critical to building both the characters and the romance and I think the author did a good job of both here. The one sexual interlude is nicely laden with emotional overtures such as Rance’s caution with Hudson during sex because of Hudson’s injury and Hudson desperately needing Rance’s reassurance post-coital.

What I Didn’t Like: This is a bit of insta-love/lust with the men meeting for the first time and in one night saying they’re willing to begin a relationship.  I think novella one worked better for me because it was a friends-to-lovers trope and not a first meeting. At least the short novella doesn’t attempt to make the men claim they’re in love all ready. Both novellas have been good enough for me to want them to be longer.

Finally, I’m sorry to be picky but this short novella did have some editing issues and as much as I hate to be *that* girl, I will because it pulls me out of the story. For instance, during the sex scene it says “Rance’s back” and it clearly means Hudson’s back or Rance would be doing funny stuff to himself! There are quite a few examples of more than just tiny grammar issues and I have to remark on that.

IMO: This is a strong enough second novella that I’ll continue the series and can recommend it to MM readers looking for a quick, enjoyable read.

J9’s Rating:
3 Frogs

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  1. It sounds like a good book but I know the insta-love would get to me. I get with being a short story you need it to happen quickly but then again, that's why I don't read short stories. Great review.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. Yep short stories are short but sometimes they work for me like this. Thanks


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