Mini-Review: The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers

The Story Guy by Mary Ann RiversTitle: The Story Guy
Author: Mary Ann Rivers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: July 8, 2013 by Loveswept

Carrie, mild-mannered and trauma-free librarian, describes her life as perfectly content until she finds an enigmatic personal ad among all the lonely hearts’ postings on the city’s seediest website:

I will meet you on Wednesdays at noon in Celebration Park. Kissing only. I won’t touch you below the shoulders. You can touch me anywhere. No dating, no hook-ups. I will meet with you for as long as you meet me, so if you miss a Wednesday we part as strangers.

Brian, utterly overwhelmed bike-riding contracts attorney, earmarks a single hour, once a week, to forget heartbreaking complications and let passion take over with a stranger.

When Carrie wants more than Wednesdays, and Brian keeps riding away, Carrie wonders what’s preventing Brian from giving in and letting go. In a rustbelt city with a million stories, Brian is . . . THE STORY GUY.


Author Ruthie Knox featured The Story Guy in her newsletter and I have to say that the book’s description grabbed me. It was the ad that did it. I was intrigued and I knew I had to read this book. Based on the ad alone, I knew that there was a reason for Brian’s non-committal tendencies and I wanted to dig in and find out what that reason was.

The push and pull between Carrie and Brian was emotionally charged. She wants more, more than just snogging on Wednesdays in the park, and he feels like he can’t give that to her. But she doesn’t push him too much. She’s understanding and is willing to compromise and I thought that was sweet. Brian is in a situation that proves to be overwhelming and completely taxing. He’s a selfless person for what he does, which makes him a great guy. Even Brian’s past experiences with people who have replied to his ad is telling and speaks of his character.  

The Story Guy was a moving story, and a bit of a heavy read, though it was a short and quick read as well. There was great character development and it was a lovely story to read. This was Mary Ann Rivers’ debut novel and I can’t wait to see what else she writes next.

Brianna’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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  1. Wow, that synopsis certainly grabbed my interest! I think I'll check this one out, as I'm intrigued to find out Brian's secret. Those meetings sound exciting and extremely sexy.

    Wonderful mini-review, Brianna! I have to mention what a great idea I think it is so write these sort of mini-reviews every now and again. Sometimes I really struggle to write a complete, in-depth review for every book I've read, and this is a smart alternative! You really captured the essence of the story and certainly made me interested in reading it!

    1. I hope you do read it, it's a great story. You'll love Brian.

      I find myself doing mini-reviews mostly on novellas. I don't want to give too much away. Sometimes it's best to be short :)


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