Book Review: Hide Out by Katie Allen

Hide Out by Katie AllenTitle: Hide Out
Series: Private Dicks, Book 2
Author: Katie Allen
Genre: Romantic Suspense, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: March 12, 2010 by Ellora’s Cave

When Officer Peter Giordano is assigned to keep Trevor Haas safe until he can testify against his murderous father, he expects the hardest part of his job will be keeping his hands off the gorgeous witness. The two men hide out in the small, sleepy town of Honeysuckle, fixing up their dilapidated safe house by day...exploring each other's bodies by night.Their small-town neighbors have some secrets of their own, however, including one that someone is willing to kill to protect. Soon, a neighbor is dead and Pete and Trevor are thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. The two men struggle to keep Trevor's true identity a secret, knowing his father will stop at nothing to silence the star witness against him-even if that means killing his own son.Note: Pete and Trevor won't have to go it alone. Wash and Rhodes, the crush-worthy heroes from Private Dicks, are along for the ride once again.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: I really enjoyed this MM romance with a little suspense, especially since the two leads from book one make appearances here.

The Set Up: Trevor wants to testify against his mobster father but he needs to stay alive to do so. Police officer Peter is assigned as his bodyguard and the men hide out in a small town while fixing up Pete’s old house. But Pete and Trevor are at risk when their neighbor is murdered.

Why I Read this Book: Loved book one in this series (my review) and was looking forward to read book two.

What I Liked: This author excels at writing intimate relationships mixed with humor. Trevor and Pete first have to learn the other is gay but once they do their relationship quickly turns sexual. This wouldn’t be remarkable in an MM romance but this author adds humor as well as emotional intimacy to the erotic mix. Trevor and Pete are both looking to connect emotionally with someone and though they’re apprehensive, they’re willing to be brave and tell each other what they want. This is perfectly illustrated when Trevor is hurt and at the hospital and he’s not sure Pete wants to be there. Pete is charming with his stuttering when he’s emotionally taxed and to see Trevor’s understanding and acceptance of this grow as the novel progresses is lovely. So as much as I love the sexual and emotional intimacy, I love the humor between the men too. They laugh with and at each other and gently poke fun. They develop a light but intimate relationship that the leads in book one had as well. This is fun and enjoyable romance.

What I Also Liked: I love that Wash and Rhodes, the PI leads from book one, return here. They’re Trevor’s bosses as well as friends and they bring such fun to the book. How the four friends relate is charming and sexy at the same time. The men work together to refurbish Pete’s old house and the fun they have sniping at each other made me smile more than once. These are two very sexually-charged relationships and to see them in the same circle was quite humorous, like when the men stain the upstairs floors and have to have a sleeping bag sleepover in the unfurnished living room. In addition to the humor there is heat—and I mean heat!

The plot involving the neighbor’s murder and hiding out from Trevor’s father were both good backdrops to the romance development. The small town neighborhood provides lots of quirky characters for the four men to work through as they investigate the murder. Trevor’s father’s return isn’t going to surprise readers but it wraps up nicely so Trevor and Pete can have their expected HEA.

Also, please let the hot sheriff in the small town be the lead for the next book in the series!

What I Didn’t Like: This isn’t an angsty book but that was just fine for me. Sometimes I want fun reads and that’s what I got here.

IMO: I enjoyed this book and know other MM readers will too if they’re looking for a light, humorous and sexy romance.

J9’s Rating:
4 Frogs


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