Book Review: Learning Curve by Kaje Harper

Learning Curve by Kaje HarperTitle: Learning Curve
Series: Life Lessons, Book 4
Author: Kaje Harper
Genre: Romantic Suspense, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: September 6, 2013 by MLR Press

Mac is afraid he'll never recover enough to go back to being a cop, while Tony is afraid that he will.

Three months after being shot, Detective Jared MacLean is healing, but he's afraid it may not be enough to go back on the job. He won't give up, though. Being a cop is written deep in Mac’s bones, and he'll do whatever it takes to carry his badge again.

Tony used to wish he could have Mac safely home, but watching his strong husband battle disabilities is far from Tony's dream come true. When Mac is asked to consult on a case involving one of Tony's students, both men will have to face old demons and new fears to find a way to move forward together.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: Another great book in a stellar series that lived up to my high expectations.

The Set Up: Minnesota police officer Jared MacLean is three months into his recovery from being shot on his last case. He’s trying to recover enough to go back to work but he’s not sure he’ll make it. Tony is glad Mac is recovering but his physical disabilities are one more thing for the couple to deal with, along with raising two young kids, dealing with each other’s family and trying to maintain a close relationship.

Why I Read this Book: I was a bit pissy that book three ended on a cliffhanger so I was awaiting this book’s release with baited breath.

What I Liked: Mac and Tony are still a great couple here. I loved watching the life they’ve built with each other as it strikes the perfect balance between realism and idealism. For instance, in between work and picking kids up from school they manage an erotic interlude and a brief conversation about dinner. I love this integration of the men’s relationship both inside and outside the bedroom. It’s one of my genre complaints that too often in MM romance the men’s relationship is purely sexual but that’s not the case here. Yes, Mac and Tony have a rewarding (and adventurous!) sex life but they are a holistic couple who must then turn on the baby monitors to make sure that six-year old Ben isn’t having nightmares.

What I Also Liked: A hallmark of this series is each book has a strong mystery or suspense plot and this did but not in the intense way of the previous books. The plot involves one of Tony’s high school students whose father is missing after the murder of the father’s abusive partner. How this unfolds certainly kept my attention but didn’t steal the focus of the novel. This lighter suspense plot allowed for Mac’s progression with his therapy and for Tony’s issues with Mac wanting to be a cop again.

Another great thing about this book, and series, is the strong secondary characters. I love Ben and Anna, Mac and Tony’s kids as they’re not plot moppets but real kids who are sweet and selfish simultaneously. Tony’s family and Sabrina, best friend and lawyer, are wonderful, warm characters who provide a community for Tony and Mac. Mac’s family finally makes a real appearance in this book and series readers won’t be disappointed with the drama they bring.

Note: I’m an unabashed fan of this series but if I weren’t, I’d be lost in this novel. Tony and Mac have been through too much for a reader to jump in here. Too much relationship progression from previous novels and too many secondary characters would make a new reader be totally lost with just this book. I don’t mind as I love the characters and all their relationship.

IMO: I’m not done with Mac and Tony or their family and can’t wait for book five of this stellar series.

J9’s Rating:
4 1/2 Frogs

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