Book Review: Hunting the Spy by Tyler Flynn

Hunting the Spy by Tyler FlynnTitle: Hunting the Spy
Author: Tyler Flynn
Genre: Historical Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: Review copy via NetGalley
Published: September 22, 2014 by Carina Press

England, 1792
Revolution rages in France, and war with England is imminent. But Nathan Kennett is fighting his own battle. An undercover spy catcher, he's after an unknown informant who's supplying valuable secrets about the English coastal defenses to the French.

When he discovers a dead body in his employer's house, with Sir Peter Ross hunched over it, he has his suspect. Lean, strong and firm, Peter is Nathan's ex-lover—and a member of the aristocracy. He represents everything Nathan hates and has the arrogance to match. Peter broke off their affair with no explanation, but is he capable of murder, and treason besides?

Trying to keep one step ahead of his enemies, Nathan has only two days to identify and deliver the informant to his superiors in London. Peter swears his innocence and offers to help find the true culprit, but as riots swell in the streets, Nathan can't be sure he can trust him. Or himself, when they're together.


Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: Enjoyable historical romance with likable leads and a good romance, even if the plot did overwhelm the romance a bit.

Why I Read This Book: I love historical romance and MM romance so when I can find them together in one book I’m a happy, happy reader.

What I Liked: Though not usually a fan of the reunion trope in romance, this one worked for me really well. Once they get past their initial shock and emotions at seeing one another again, Nathan and Peter actually talk about why they broke up. This isn’t a big misunderstand plot that many reunion romances use but it’s about the very real (and perceived) differences between them socio-economically. Given the historical setting this part of the relationship felt very organic and natural to this two strong characters.

What I Also Liked: Nathan and Peter come from very different backgrounds: Nathan the son of a merchant and Peter a wealthy aristocrat. I really enjoyed their personalities and how distinct they were. Nathan’s distrust of the aristocracy didn’t disappear just because he fell in love with Peter and Peter couldn’t give up his title to be with Nathan. The romantic tension between these two strong characters was how they’d make a relationship work given who they were. This was the best part of the book and one I really enjoyed.

Mixed Results: This is definitely an adventure plot with twists and turns. There is a smuggler as a secondary character that nearly stole the show for me with his brazen machinations tinged with humor.  The plot kept my attention and I had to figure out who the bad guy was and why. But, it also overwhelmed the relationship development a bit. Sure, there were moments when Peter and Nathan would have time to talk but then they’d be in danger from all fronts so quickly. I was ready for their madcap adventure to be over by the time the book ended.

IMO: Historical romance fans who love MM should read Hunting the Spy.

J9’s Rating:
3 1/2 Frogs

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