Joint Book Review: The Half of Us by Cardeno C.

The Half of Us by Cardeno C.Title: The Half of Us
Series: Family, Book 4
Author: Cardeno C.
Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: Review copy provided by author
Published: October 10, 2014 by Dreamspinner Press

Short-tempered, arrogant heart surgeon Jason Garcia grew up wanting a close-knit family, but believes he ruined those dreams when he broke up his marriage. The benefit of divorce is having as much random sex as he wants, and it’s a benefit Jason is exploiting when he meets a sweet, shy man at a bar and convinces him to go home for a no-strings-attached night of fun.

Eight years living in Las Vegas hasn’t dimmed Abe Green’s optimism, earnestness, or desire to find the one. When a sexy man with lonely eyes propositions him, Abe decides to give himself a birthday present—one night of spontaneous fun with no thoughts of the future. But one night turns into two and then three, and Abe realizes his heart is involved.

For the first time, Abe feels safe enough with someone he respects and adores to let go of his inhibitions in the bedroom. If Jason can get past his own inhibitions and open his heart and his life to Abe, he might finally find the family he craves.

Reviewed By: J9 and Crissy

Joint Review

In a Nutshell:

J9: Go buy this!

Crissy: Yes, I totally agree! Run. Don’t walk. You don’t want to miss out on Jason and Abe’s story.

The Set Up: Uber-busy surgeon Jason may have ended his marriage when he accepted being gay but he doesn’t think two men can have more than sex. Jason’s theory is tested when he has a one-night stand with Abe. Abe couldn’t resist temptation with Jason but he knows he’s designed for a real relationship. Are Abe and Jason too different to have more than the hottest sex either has ever known?

What We Liked:

J9: I absolutely loved the dynamic between Jason and Abe! I don’t want to be spoilery but how Abe gets to Jason emotionally was romance gold, in my opinion. I love the scene where Abe talks to Jason’s son about the relationship; it made me laugh and was romantic at the same time.

Crissy: I’m with you you. Jason and Abe’s chemistry is off the chart from the very beginning. I think what I liked most was Jason’s journey from playboy to family man and the realization that the life and family he’s always wanted isn’t as far out of reach as he originally thought and Abe’s unwielding patience that guides Jason along his path. Like the scene where Jason tells Angela he’s the model for relationship stability; it’s funny and endearing to Jason and Abe.

J9: As a CC “fan” do you feel that Jason and Abe had more of an intense sexual chemistry than other books? This is saying a lot because CC books are always erotic goodness, but Jason and Abe’s sexual relationship seemed even more intense to me!

Crissy: Definitely. Jason and Abe were on fire from the second they met. Even before what they had could’ve been categorized as a relationship. Their connection was so strong from day one. And, true to form, CC brings the heat, but also the quirky and fun. I love the intensity--and yes, this one is so intense--but I also love those times when I can laugh at the characters having sex. If they’re having fun, I’m having fun reading it. And these guys definitely had fun, in every sense of the word.

What We Also Liked:

J9: I love communities in my books and Jason’s family provides that in this book. Jason’s relationship with his ex-wife, Angela, is beautiful. One of my genre complaints of MM romance is how few women are in the books, and if they are they’re usually the villains. But in The Half of Us, Angela is an important character. She has a role in processing Jason’s life choices with him that I loved. And the scene where she’s lectures Jason on Valentine’s Day was so fun!

Crissy: Along the same lines I love how this story defines family as more than man, wife, and children. You mentioned Angela, and she’s an integral part of the family that Jason and Abe create. As a matter of fact, she’s a lot of the reason Jason was able to recognize his relationship with Abe for what it was.The kids also  add a new level of realness and levity to this world and their lives. I love that this family is Jason and Abe and the kids and Jason’s ex-wife.

And while we’re talking about Angela, she pretty much makes this story. I mean, yes, the story is so obviously about Jason and Abe, but Angela adds such a beautiful element to this story as a single mother, amazingly not bitter ex-wife, and best friend. She’s wise and patient and funny. Such a great character. And her talk with Jason about his sex life had me rolling!

What We Didn’t Like:

J9: Nothing. This was a heart (and loin!) warming read with wonderful characters.

Crissy: Absolutely nothing. I loved everything about Jason and Abe and their love story.


J9: One of my favorite CC novels and highly recommend for fans of MM romance.

Crissy: A definite must-read either as a standalone or as part of the series.

Memorable Moments:

“I’m familiar with your come-on technique, and as I recall it was something like, ‘You want to go home and fuck?’”

“You promised me another round and then you fell asleep,” Jason reminded him. “So actually, this would be a continuation of the other night.”

“Are you saying we only had half last time, so there’s another half before we exhaust the one time?”

“If that’s what I meant, would it convince you to say yes?”

“I want your, uh, present in my chimney, but next time we role-play, I get to choose the characters.”

“Okay, fine. The sex was horrible. I thought you were allergic to foreplay and suffered from ED before I realized what was really going on. Seriously, who’s ever heard of a guy saying he’s too tired or has a headache? And how did you get through human anatomy without having a clue about where to find my—”

“Point made.” Jason held up his hand in a “stop” motion.

J9 and Crissy’s Rating:
5 Frogs

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