Book Review: Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde

Reaper’s Stand by Joanna WyldeTitle: Reaper’s Stand
Series: Reapers MC, Book 4
Author: Joanna Wylde
Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: October 7, 2014 by Berkley

As Reapers Motorcycle Club president, Reese “Picnic” Hayes has given his entire life to the club. After losing his wife, he knew he’d never love another woman. And with two daughters to raise and a club to manage, that was just fine with him. These days, Reese keeps his relationships free and easy—he definitely doesn’t want to waste his time on a glorified cleaning lady like London Armstrong.

Too bad he’s completely obsessed with her.

Besides running her own business, London’s got her junkie cousin’s daughter to look after—a more reckless than average eighteen-year-old. Sure she’s attracted to the Reapers’ president, but she’s not stupid. Reese Hayes is a criminal and a thug. But when her young cousin gets caught up with a ruthless drug cartel, Reese might be the only man who can help her. Now London has to make the hardest decision of her life—how far will she go to save her family?

Why I Read this Book: I have been waiting for Picnic’s book!

What I Liked: The prologue hooked me right into this story. DAMN, talk about an intense situation! I couldn’t wait to find out how it got to that point.

Picnic and London are of a more mature age, with Picnic being 43 years old and London 38 years old. It was nice to read about characters with a little more life experience. I think age and maturity had somewhat to do with London knowing how to get what she wanted without selling herself out. Like when she offers to clean Picnic’s house in exchange for him to help find her cousin, instead of just agreeing to have sex with him.

We get the back story on Picnic’s late wife. It was nice to ‘get to know’ her character a bit.

There was a point in this book where I thought ‘How is this going to work? How can they repair their damaged relationship? The trust is gone.’ But it worked for me. Surprisingly, I was satisfied with the way things turned out with Picnic and London. London did what she felt she needed to do, for reasons that were very important to her, knowing the outcome for herself was going to be a bleak one.

Not only was there an epilogue, there was a BONUS epilogue! I need to know who that mystery man is like yesterday.

What I Didn’t Like: Jessica’s character was a bit of a downer. She was so much responsibility. There’s a lot of family drama going on in London’s life. But Jessica did redeem herself in the bonus epilogue.

Memorable Moments:

“Because if you look at me like that for even one more second I’m gonna throw you down on that bed and fuck every part of you, starting with your tits. Unless that’s on the menu, you need to grab your shit and leave wile you still can. This is the only warning you’ll get.”
“You’re wearing too much. Take something off, because otherwise I’m going to start ripping things.”

Oh, Picnic, you’re an anxious fella. RAWR.

Overall Impression: Reaper’s Stand is definitely my favorite in the series so far. The only thing is, it isn’t clear on when the next book in this series is coming out OR whose book it’s going to be. The author has another series coming out, Silver Valley, in which she says “won’t be centered around motorcycle clubs, but around a location”. While I’m looking forward to reading that series, I want more Reapers! I especially want the Reapers book that will feature the characters mentioned in that bonus epilogue.

Brianna’s Rating:
4 1/2 Frogs

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