Book Review: Biking Bad by Morticia Knight

Biking Bad by Morticia KnightTitle: Biking Bad
Author: Morticia Knight
Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: Review copy provided by publisher
Published: January 2, 2015 by Totally Bound

The Mojave Sidewinders is the largest gay MC club in Southern California. They’re also one-percenters, which makes them alluring to those looking for trouble and a danger to those making it. Luc ‘Zero’ Villarojas has been a brother ever since the club’s prez took him in as a runaway. At thirty-four years of age, he’s content to ride his hog, chase tail and run his tattoo and piercing parlor, Zero to Sixty.

Dylan has had to take care of himself since his aunt died when he was still a teen. Even though he’s barely twenty-two years old, the small spitfire has made his way in the world as best as he can and has even started his own would-be investigative agency. He’s proud of himself, even if his agency is on the edge of town in a ramshackle building.

Working his first big case involving a missing young man, Dylan barges into Road Rage, the Mojave Sidewinder’s exclusive bar, and starts asking questions. When it looks as though he’s about to get beaten up, a large, muscled biker covered in ink comes to his aid. Dylan’s incredibly attracted to him—even if Zero is pretty scary and Dylan’s still a virgin. But is there something Zero knows about the missing man that he’s hiding? And is Dylan in more danger than he realizes?

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Reviewed by: J9


Nope, not for me at all. I didn’t like the dynamic between Zero and Dylan. Dylan was the “kid” and “cutie” to Zero’s big, bad biker. This is all about erotica and very little emotional development too. The ending tacked it on as an after thought but it was too little, too late for my taste.

The plot was violent, guess that’s my fault for getting an MC short story and expecting it not to be. I didn’t like either the plot nor the romance of this short story.


J9’s Rating:
1 Frog

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