Book Review: My Cowboy Promises by Z.A. Maxfield

My Cowboy Promises by Z.A. MaxfieldTitle: My Cowboy Promises
Series: The Cowboys, Book 4
Author: Z.A. Maxfield
Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: June 16, 2015 by Intermix

To become the man he’s meant to be, one cowboy will have to be the man he never wanted anyone to know he was…

Ryder Dent is a true-blue cowboy. A devoted son, husband and father, but one who is living a costly lie. When they were both young, Ryder and his closest female friend Andy thought they’d found the perfect solution to both their problems—she was single and pregnant, and he was secretly gay—so they got married and raised Jonas together.

When Ryder gets hurt at a party, his son’s new pediatrician comes to the rescue. The connection between Ryder and Dr. Declan Winters is sudden, powerful, and undeniable. Ryder loves Andy and the family they’ve created together—but they both need more. Can they pursue their hearts’ desire without destroying the life they’ve built and losing the son they love?

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Reviewed by: J9

In a Nutshell: Problematic book for me because the romance was TOTALLY unresolved but I really liked the leads.

Why I Read This Book: I’ve been enjoying Z.A. Maxfield’s cowboy books from Intermix so wanted to read this one too

What I Liked: I really liked the first person narrator. Ryder was a lovely character, caring, passionate, and such a good person. Ryder just wants to be a good person, love his son, and follow through on his promise and commitment to his best friend/wife. His sudden, and powerful, attraction to the new town doctor hits him and readers so acutely because of his first person narration. I loved being privy to his confusion, actions, and decisions. For instance, Declan blithely snipes at Ryder about his family obligations, calling them naïve, and how Ryder responds had me cheering. I really rooted for Ryder and his HEA.

What I Didn’t Like: Everything but Ryder. Declan was so one-dimensional because we saw the story through Ryder’s eyes. I didn’t often understand his motivation for saying or doing what he does in the story. I felt like he was a place holder to push Ryder into his character development.

Second, I really did not like this romance. The sudden attraction is fine, but it was so unresolved for me! No real life decisions were made and the men had no real commitment to each other by novel’s end. This was total suckage for me as a HEA lover!

IMO: Though I really liked Ryder’s character, this isn’t a romance I can recommend.

J9’s Rating:
2 Frogs

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