Book Review: Strange Bedfellows by Cardeno C.

​Strange Bedfellows by Cardeno C.Title: Strange Bedfellows
Author: Cardeno C.
Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy provided by author
Published: June 26, 2015 by The Romance Authors

Can the billionaire son of a Democratic president build a family with the congressman son of a Republican senator? Forget politics, love makes strange bedfellows.

As the sole offspring of the Democratic United States president and his political operative wife, Trevor Moga was raised in an environment driven by the election cycle. During childhood, he fantasized about living in a made-for-television family, and as an adult, he rejected all things politics and built a highly successful career as far from his parents as possible.Newly elected congressman Ford Hollingsworth is Republican royalty. The grandson of a revered governor and son of a respected senator, he was bred to value faith, family, and the goal of seeing a Hollingsworth in the White House.
When Trevor and Ford meet, sparks fly and a strong friendship is formed. But can the billionaire son of a Democratic president build a family with the congressman son of a Republican senator? Forget politics, love makes strange bedfellows.

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Reviewed by: Crissy

Why I Read This Book: Never will this author publish a book that I will not read. That being said, I was a little wary because of the political edge. I shouldn’t have worried.

In A Nutshell: Read it and re-read it. This book is full of so much love and awesomeness and perfection.

What I Liked: Beauty and heat. That’s what this book is. It’s a mix of passion and family and beliefs. That’s what I like about it. I usually steer clear of romances or any book involving political issues. Politics, platforms, and elections are mentioned but take a backseat to the romance between two men. One liberal and fighting his background and the other conservative and living to be what his family a party have always wanted for him. There’s conflict morally but also internally. Ford and Trevor are from two different sides of the line, yet they make a friends with benefits arrangement work. Then they become more. I also had a thing for the conflict between Ford and Trevor. Will Ford, won’t Ford. The many jealousies of Trevor. It was quite fun.

What I Also Liked: On the day of the wondrous SCOTUS ruling, this book was released. It was meant to be. It’s poetic and beautiful. The basis of this story is that love is love and being who you are shouldn’t effect what you do—in government, in business, in family, and in life. It’s quite the message that was amplified by the momentous decision of that very day.

The family aspect of this story is a big focus. I’m afraid to give away too much here. The two families are as different as night and day, but in general, they love their sons and want what’s best for them. That being said. The First Lady is my favorite part of Trevor’s family. A cunning mind and sharp eye, she is a weapon not to be messed with—and don’t play around with her family. As for Ford’s family, I’m head over heels for his brother-in-law, Tom. My only gripe is that I wish he was in the story more. He is awesome.

In My Opinion: Strange Bedfellows is a read and re-read. It’s quite possible that it may become my yearly June 26th read now. Love wins, you know.

Crissy’s Rating:
5 Frogs

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  1. I really enjoyed this story, too. Would definitely have been nice to get more of Tom and I loved Ford.


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