Book Review: Truth & Temptation by Riley Edgewood

Truth & Temptation by Riley EdgewoodTitle: Truth & Temptation
Series: Summer Love, Book 3
Author: Riley Edgewood
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by author
Published: July 23, 2015 (self-published)

She's a liar. He knows the truth.

Teagan Walker gets around. Ask anyone—hell, ask her. She'll own it with a smile. But beneath that smile is a girl whose parents didn't want her. Whose grandparents raised her without affection. Whose struggle with a burning anger threatens to consume her, though she'd rather punch someone in the face than talk about it. With a new job looming, she's determined to work her way into a better life. When she meets the sexiest guy she's ever seen, she decides to kick it off with a bang. And she makes her move.

But he's got moves of his own, and before the night is out, he strips her of way more than she means to reveal—without removing a single piece of clothing. That comes, too, of course. He's gotten under her skin like nobody before him, and what's the harm in one night with a sexy stranger? Exposed or not, she never has to see him again.

Except she does.

On Monday morning, they come face-to-face. He's the son of her new CEO—and her boss for the summer—and he threatens to bring her entire world crashing down, making her face every lie she's ever told.

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Reviewed by: Sara

Why I Read This Book: To be honest, I kind of liked the idea of a virgin pretending to be promiscuous and also, a heroine with anger issues. These aren’t things we see often in the Romance genre and I had hoped that maybe it would freshen up the “I Accidentally Slept With My New Boss” trope.

In a Nutshell: New Adult, but same old story. Truth & Temptation follows the “I Accidentally Slept With My New Boss” trope with several variations.

What I Liked: The character of Teagan Walker has a lot going on, a fake string of lovers, crippling dyslexia, anger and depression and a crushing family situation.

Obviously, those aren’t the things I liked, but what I do like is how Riley Edgewood handles each of these issues. In the beginning of Truth & Temptation we watch Teagan wield her false bravado and rage like twin swords to keep people from getting close to her. She believes herself to be unlovable because of her family history and so keeps others from loving her. Throughout the book Teagan both on her own and at the prodding of Alec, our hero begins dealing with her myriad of issues.

Where some books would deal with Teagan’s issues by having love (and Alec’s magic penis) solve all things, Riley Edgewood actually has her character find practical help and assistance through therapy, medication and accessibility tools for dyslexia. This is both empowering for Romance readers who may possibly be facing similar issues and gives more authenticity to Teagan’s character and Truth & Temptation in general.

What I Didn’t Like: Even with the variations Teagan’s character brings to the table, Truth & Temptation is still a very  “I Accidentally Slept With My New Boss” book. This premise has been done over and over and over again and I’m kind of over it. I’m even more over it in the New Adult genre, which, in my opinion, Truth & Temptation is part of. A romantic rendezvous with a boss or boss’ son in your 20s can leave you blackballed in your chosen career and with your peers. I guess for me I can’t get past the idea that these young women aren’t just screwing their boss they’re potentially screwing themselves, which makes it super difficult for me to thoroughly enjoy these types of books.

Wrap Up: Truth & Temptation adds some interesting variations to the  “I Accidentally Slept With My New Boss” trope, but fails to truly differentiate itself from other books of this vein. Nice try though.

Sara’s Rating:
2 Frogs

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