Movie Trailer: Eclipse

Here is the FULL Eclipse movie trailer. I know it's plastered all over the internets but I just cannot contain myself! I cannot wait for Eclipse to come out!! Mark your calendars: June 30, 2010. I am so there!


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  1. Yes, I will see this movie and giggle like a teenager.

    Anyone know just how the heck are they going to work in the last book with the whole 18 and pregnant issue?

  2. @Smokinhotbooks Hey, I was 18 and pregnant so it's not an issue *slaps your rump*
    No, but seriously, I thought they were doing two movies for the 4th, is that right?
    This trailer was meh, I thought.
    Can't wait for BIL to take me out on Twilight movie date night. Woo hoo!