Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Tour: The Missing by Shiloh Walker


As a teenager, Taige Branch was able to do things with her psychic gift that others couldn't understand - except for Cullen Morgan, the boy who stole her heart. He did his best to accept her abilities, until his mother was brutally murdered - and he couldn't forgive Taige for not preventing her death.


Now a widowed father, Cullen Morgan has never forgotten Taige. but what brings her back into his life is another tragic event. His beloved little girl has been kidnapped, and Taige is his only hope of finding her.


Working together against the clock, Cullen and Taige can't help but wonder whether - if the find his daughter in time - it isn't too late for the overpowering love that still burns between them...

The Missing by Shiloh Walker will be re-released on July 6, 2010. Here is your chance to participate in a book tour for The Missing! There are 4 spots available on the tour. I will be holding a lottery to select the 4 book tour participants. Please read the rules first then fill out the form (link below) to enter in the lottery. Comments are appreciated but will not gain you an entry in the lottery.

The Book Tour rules:
  1. Open to *book* bloggers in the Contiguous US only (due to time constraints).
  2. You must email me ( thebookvixen [at] gmail [dot] com ) when you receive the book.
  3. You will have ONE WEEK to read the book before you must mail it off to the next person.
  4. You must mail the book via Priority Flat Rate Mailer WITH Delivery Confirmation - approximately $5 plus 80¢ for Delivery Confirmation. (each participant is responsible for the cost of shipping the book to the next person)
  5. You must email me the Delivery Confirmation number the day you mail out the book.
  6. You will post your review on your designated date (dates will be decided among selected book tour participants and will be during the week of 6/28 - 7/2).
  7. You must post your review on your blog AND one additional site - Goodreads, Library Thing, Barnes & Noble,, etc. (email me the links to your reviews and I will link to you)
  8. The last person on the tour must mail the book back to me.
  9. By registering for the book tour, you agree not to scan/copy/digitize the ARC and respect author copyright.
If you cannot commit to ALL of these rules, then please don't sign up. It is imperative that the book gets circulated quickly to everyone on the book tour so we can all get our reviews up before the release date.

**Fill out the FORM to enter**

I will randomly select 4 people to be on the book tour. I will select, email and announce the winners on Monday, May 17, 2010. Winners will have 24 hours to email me their mailing info before a new winner is selected (we're on a time crunch). If you have any questions about this book tour and/or the rules, please email me at thebookvixen @ gmail dot com before signing up.

I would like to give Shiloh Walker a HUGE thank you for providing the book and making this book tour possible!!

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