Bloggiesta: The Finish Line

blogiesta Wow, what a weekend! I didn’t get everything done on my list but I did make a huge dent. One thing that I found while going through and updating posts were typos O_o

Challenges I participated in:

Write Your Blogging To-Do List
Embracing Community

Here are the goals that I completed:

  1. Set up posts for future Teaser Tuesday memes – Drafted 15 future posts
  2. Set up posts for future On My Wishlist memes – Drafted 15 future posts
  3. Clean up my feed reader (Bloglines – 958 items to read)
  4. Back up my blog
  5. Add a copyright footer
  6. Add feed burner copyright – Not sure I did this correctly O_o
  7. Update my pages (update my Review Policy, add an About Me page)
  8. Change the background color for quotes in my post from white to pink (just keep the dotted outline) – I decided to keep the white background but I did change the border :)
  9. ETA: Change font size from LARGE to NORMAL for all my blog posts – Decided against this.
  10. ETA: Get Birthday Contest post ready
  11. ETA: Create a comment message
  12. ETA: Update On My Wishlist meme descriptions on past posts
  13. ETA: Update Reviews page


And here are the goals that I didn’t get to finish:

  1. Set up review posts for upcoming reads – Progress: 7/15 completed
  2. Write out and schedule review posts for books I’ve already read (5 reviews)
  3. Clean up my post labels
  4. ETA: Update my Challenges posts
  5. ETA: Catch up on email
  6. ETA: Create a contact list of fellow book bloggers, authors, publishers and publicists
  7. ETA: Post Contest/Giveaway rules (page)
  8. ETA: Get posts ready for The Missing Book Tour
  9. ETA: Get (2) author interviews ready
  10. ETA: Write a post about upcoming author events (book signings)
  11. ETA: Update “buy this book” links to on all reviews
  12. ETA: Update review format on all reviews
  13. ETA: Design business cards for blog
  14. ETA: Write out and post review for CSN

As you can see, I kept adding to the list. I would see someone else’s Bloggiesta list and think “oh! I need to do that too!”. I didn’t keep track of how many hours I spent participating in Bloggiesta but if I had to guess, it would probably be about a total of 12-15 hours total, maybe more. I am exhausted. My shoulders ache. But I feel like I got a lot accomplished and I got the opportunity to meet new bloggers!

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