BOOK CLUB: Eat Love Pray – 1st Discussion Post

What preconceived notions do you have of the book as a first time reader? What have you heard about it? What do you anticipate going into it? Why do you want to read it?

The Book Vixen: Quite honestly, I didn’t have the desire to read this book until recently. I had heard about it  a couple years ago but had no interest in reading it, even though lots of people were raving about it. I really had no interest in reading about some woman’s journey to self-discovery. She wasn’t even famous or well-known (though she is now). It wasn’t until I saw that a movie was being made based on the book, with Julia Roberts staring in the lead role, that I became interested. What sealed the deal for me was watching Julia Roberts on Oprah talking about what an impact this book had on her. She was only 30 pages in when she stopped, purchased a copy of the book online for her best friend and waited until her friend got the book and caught up so they could read it together. Any book worth sharing and reading along with your BFF definitely catches my attention!

What preconceived notions do you have of the book as a first time reader?

Well, I admit the 'Pray' in the title is a little off putting to me, so I'm wondering how much religion will be a part of this book.That's the only reason I really haven't picked it up before now. I believe in God, but I'm not for anyone telling me how or what I 'should' be doing or how I should be living my life. I firmly believe that is your own journey and you have to come to terms with that part in your own way.

What have you heard about it?

When it first came out, it was like everyone was raving about it and one or two people I knew said they wanted to read it. I don' t know if they actually did.  I'd heard that it was a good book.

What do you anticipate going into it?

I'm not sure what to expect from this. Maybe I'll be 'enlightened' in the ways of eating, loving and praying? Maybe I'll find all the answers to the universe? I'm trying to keep an open mind.

Why do you want to read it?

I saw Julia Roberts on the Oprah show talking about the movie that's coming out. And of course they had to talk about the book. The movie intrigued me, but I don't know if I'll go see it (or wait for the dvd), but it sounded interesting. They talked about the book and Julia said she started read it, but then she said it was so good, she bought copies for her friends because she wanted someone to experience it with. After seeing that show, I became a little curious about the book so I decided at some point maybe I would read it. I saw your tweet about reading it and that gave me the incentive to start it. I think it's going to be very interesting to see what people think of it.

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  2. Great posts by both of you. I am glad that the movie is renewing interest in the book but I have to be honest the movie makes me nervous. I am not sure it can do the book justice.

  3. I'm so very excited to read this book and share the experience with you all!!

  4. I just got my post up. Thanks again for organizing this. I'm excited to hear about what other people think.

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  7. Emily is taking suggestions on what to read next, we should all tell her to read EAt Pray Love