BLOG TOUR: Lancelot’s Lady by Cherish D’Angelo

LaunchVBTgraphic Today, as part of the Cherish the Romance Virtual Book tour, I have Cherish D’Angelo (aka Cherly Kaye Tardif) here with us talking about Soap Operas and Romance. Her novel, Lancelot’s Lady released on September 27th, 2010. I’ll let Cherish take it away!

Soap Operas and Romance: These Are the Days of Our Lives

Okay, I'll admit it―I'm a Days of Our Lives addict. There's no 12-step program for me so I'll have to muddle my way through the five hours a week of soap opera drama. And oh the drama there is. From attempted murders to kidnappings to affairs to secrets to weddings to divorces to making my head spin. But soap operas are a guilty pleasure, something to watch while sipping wine and eating chocolates.

Soaps are predictable. We know Nicole is going to do bad things because she's always done bad things. We know Stefano will do something illegal because he always does bad things. We know Sami will eventually cry her heart out because―well, you get the picture.

Shows like Days of Our Lives are also UNpredictable. We have no idea what the writers have in store for us each month or where they'll plant a huge twist. But we know it's coming. We know that just when all seems cozy between Carly and Bo, something or someone will throw them off course. Just when Maggie seems to be coping with her illness and the death of her beloved husband, something or someone (Victor) will throw another curveball.

Only on a soap can a character be thrown in prison for kidnapping then let out for good behaviour. Only on a soap can poor Sami Brady find herself mixed up with and suckered in by EJ Dimera again...and again. Only on a soap can a woman swap babies and get away with it―oh, wait, yes that has actually happened in real life.

Why do most women watch soap operas? Because of the romance, of course. There is fantasy in TV romances. Sometimes glamorous fantasy. Exhilarating fantasy. These one hour shows are windows into multiple relationships, an escape from the everyday chores of cooking and cleaning, and we can't help but be lured in by these characters, by their hopes, dreams, secrets and crimes.

Why do I love Days of Our Lives? Maybe because I started watching it with my mother, back in the 70s when Hope and I were the same age―teens. I followed Hope and Bo's romance over the years, and all the other Hortons and Bradys and others. It's my lunch hour special, my daily break from my own characters. Besides, an author never knows where, when or how inspiration will strike.

Soap operas are a buffet of plot ideas for a gal like me. And I can always use a little more romance in my life. Can't you?

lancelotslady2010FINALMED Lancelot's Lady

A Bahamas holiday from dying billionaire JT Lance, a man with a dark secret, leads palliative nurse Rhianna McLeod to Jonathan, a man with his own troubled past, and Rhianna finds herself drawn to the handsome recluse, while unbeknownst to her, someone with a horrific plan is hunting her down.

Lancelot's Lady is available in ebook edition at KoboBooks, Amazon's Kindle Store, Smashwords and other ebook retailers. Help me celebrate by picking up a copy today and "Cherish the romance..."

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Do you watch soap operas? If so, which one(s)?

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  1. Lancelots Lady looks like a good read , Im a Shortland Street fan and I used to be a Days of Our Lives. My other favs are Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars
    Follower of GFC

  2. I used to be a diehard General Hospital fan, but I don't have time for it any more!


  3. I watch Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  4. I have to admit, I finally quit watching Days Of Our Lives after watching it all my life. I just got fed up with the direction the show was taking so about 6 months ago I just quit watching. Ever once in a while my daughter will tell me something about the story and ask me if I miss watching it and quite frankly, I don't. I'll probably never watch it again. That was the only soap I watched so unless they come up with a new good one I guess soaps are in the past for me. Now Castle, I'm hooked on it.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  5. Hi Phantom, I hope you pick up a copy of Lancelot's Lady. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Margay, that's why I love my PVR! :-) I can let it record Days and then watch it on a day when I'm not so busy. lol

    Tore, Lancelot's Lady isn't one of the free ebooks as it's the new book I'm promoting, so I hope you'll pick up a copy at Amazon, KoboBooks or Smashwords. :-)

    Linda, I hear ya. I stopped watching soaps about 10 or so years ago. I was too busy raising my daughter and I ran a dayhome so I was busy raising other people's kids. But I got sucked back in after a couple of years. I missed Sami Brady and her whining/crying, I guess. lol

    Since you left email addresses, you're all entered in my draws. Good luck!


  6. If you can calls shows like law and order soap operas!!!

    I really hope everything is going well. I have never stalked someone soo much before!!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  7. I've never been a soap opera person, unless you count Smallville.

  8. I'm watching Soy tu duena at the moment and that will be ending soon. I used to watch All My Children and One Life To Live.

  9. I've watched a lot over the years its too bad a lot of them have been canceled.
    But the one I'm still watching is Days of Our Lives.I've been watching for over 20 years and will until they cancel that one too.

  10. Ugh! I HATE Soaps! Too much cheezy drama! Lmao, sorry!

    Kate aka YzhaBella

  11. As a kid, I'd watch Y&R, ATWT, and GL with my mom. We spent a lot of time bonding over the cheesy storylines. Once I hit college I switched the channel and became a Days fanatic. At this point in my life I've given up on soaps. The storylines just became too repetitive and not entertaining anymore.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  12. When I was a kid and my cousin used to babysit me, Days of Our Lives was a 'must watch'. We even figured out the patter of Stefano stories on M/W/F and other stories on T/Th. That is, until John finally rescued Marlena (sp?) from Stefano.

    Yeah, that was about fifteen years ago, I think.

    I watch The Bold and The Beautiful now because it's at a more convenient time slot. It's annoying that, here in Australia, we're months behind in the storyline. Even so, I still watch it. :) There is nothing those writers will not do...

  13. It's so great to read all your comments about Soaps. I started watching General Hospital with my mom when I was a teen...and Days. Then there were a couple of years where I didn't watch either. Then I started up again. Then off again.

    Watching Soaps is like being on a yo-yo diet! hehe

    But like Elaing8, I'll probably watch Days now until they cancel it--cheese and all.

    Hey, Dr. Oz says cheese is good for you. ;-)


  14. Not a soap opera fan, sorry. Way too phony and I'd rather be reading!


  15. I've never been one to get on anyone's case for watching soap operas. And that's for one major reason: because I watch pro wrestling. You don't get any closer to watching a soap opera without really watching a soap opera than being a wrestling fan.

    Characters are over-the-top and are given one arc after another for the viewing audience's enjoyment. They'll be playing to the fans' approval one moment and spewing hatred at them the next, and then go right back to loving them at any moment.

    When the writers are really on, there is no break in storytelling and you just have to tune in week after week to find out what happens next and who is now feuding with who.

    So yeah, WWE is my soap opera of choice...

  16. I used to watch Neighbours when I was a student, but really life is too short!

  17. I never thought of wrestling as a kind of soap opera. Now I do. :-) lol


  18. Sounds like a good read!
    Please enter me.

  19. I used to be soap opera obessed as a teen. From the moment young and the restless started at 11 until general hospital ended at 3. it was even so bad that I was flipping from All my Children/One Life to Live to Days of Our Lives ... and I blame my mom and grandmom for that :).

    I watched Days of Our Lives and Another World with mom as a small girl as well as watched a bit of Loving and Ryan's hope the little period it was on. My grandmom was a fan of Young and the Restless, All My Children, One Life To Live, and General Hosiptal so when I visited her - which was quite often, I would get drawn into those.

    I am very time limited unfortunately so don't watch any regularly but still tune in occassionally to Days.

    I used to watch Passions - so fun to see Louis move over to Days when it was on - hated to see it go off air.

    There was another one that came out in the late 90's that only lasted a year or two and it has stumped me with a name, but I liked it. I think the last episode ended with a bomb going off in town.

    Needless to say as you can see Over the past 30 yrs of my life to be a buffet of info for soaps lol. I do like to flip through all of them from time to time and recall my time at the TV with my gmom who's no longer living and with my mom as a kid.

    Pam S
    pams00 @