Monday Bites: Twilight Re-Read Along Chapters 16-20

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This week’s questions – Chapters 16-20:

1. {SERIOUS question} If you where in Carlisle position, do you think you would have been able to fight off your vampiric urges? Would you ever bring someone into that life, as he did with Edward and Esme?

I have no idea if I would have been able to fight off vampire urges. Seeing as I have no self control when it comes to chocolate, I’d say probably not.

I wouldn’t want to be alone forever so I probably would find myself a mate and turn them. Unless, of course, I found a suitable mate that was already a vampire (hello, Eric Northman, are you listening?).

2. {FUN question} We are introduced to Edward's playful side in these chapters, before he gets all manic about the new vampires, I think we have a better picture of who he is. If you had to describe him in 5 words, what would they be? Good and Bad qualities, whatever you like!

  1. Old-fashioned
  2. Funny
  3. Protective
  4. Melodramatic
  5. Alluring.

3. {LONG question} While re-reading I have been taking notes: observations that I have come across re-reading and comparisons to the movie. One of my notes deals with page 383, in which Edward screams at Alice there is no other option. The first time around I didn't get that he meant the future that Alice saw for Bella as a vampire (because we obviously hadn't gotten to that part), but now that I know the whole story I see that is what he meant... Has this happened to you? Do you have any examples of things that are clearer now or things that you have realized while re-reading?

There are quite a few differences between the book and the movie that I’m noticing during the re-read, as well as some things I had forgotten about. One thing that I forgot about was that Rosalie and Jasper are twins. It’s mentioned in the book but that wasn’t the case in the movie.

The baseball scene in the book is rather short, whereas in the movie it’s longer and for me, was one of the best scenes in the movie. I love how it was lengthen in the movie.

I hate the ‘spider monkey’ line in the movie. It’s so cheesy.

4. {PERSONAL question} We haven't talked about this yet, but I think the idea of your human gifts amplifying in your vampire life is interesting (Jasper's control of emotions, Edward's mind reading), what do you think your gifts would be?

I have no ‘gifts’ to speak of so I’m going to just pick whatever gift I’d want if I were a vampire – I’d want to be able to read minds like Edward (I’m nosey like that) or I’d want to be able to teleport.

5. {SURVEY question} We are coming to the end of the book, what has been your opinion on this re-read? First, when was the last time you read it? Second, do you feel you like it more, the same, or less this time around?

The first, and last, time I read Twilight was in early 2009. This is my first time re-reading it (I’m not much of a re-reader).

I’m finding that although I still enjoy this story, I liked it more the first time around. It was the first book I read that had vampires in it so it was all very new to me. Because I’ve read a lot of vampires books since I’ve first read Twilight, I’m finding that Twilight was just an okay read; it was a good starting point for me in the world of PNR. Now I need my vampires reads to be a little more ‘grown up’.

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  1. LOl- Eric is HOT...:D

    I hated the stupid Spider Monkey comment and them flying out the window and where the heck in the book does Edward climb trees like Spiderman??? Never happens!!!

    PS- Congrats on going into your 3rd Trimester..How exciting. I have 3 girls and love being a mom!!!

  2. ERIC! :) He would be the perfect Vampire Husband!

    old-fashioned...good one!

    I hate the spider monkey line as well...ugh.


    I'm not much of a re-reader either...I'm scared I won't like the book as much the second time around.

  3. @Tina

    Yeah, Edward climbing up trees like Spiderman was also another weird part in the movie. It just looks weird.

    And thank you!

  4. @Jacinda (The Reading Housewives)

    I worry about that too sometimes - about not liking the book as much the 2nd time around.

  5. There are SO many differences between the movie and the book. While I love that the movie brought the story to life, I really hate the movie. Well, I guess it's more of a love/hate relationship.

  6. Alluring is good. I would consider it my 1st paranormal read. Thanks for sharing.

  7. MELODRAMATIC!! You're so right...Haha.

    And yes...stupid spider monkey.

  8. 1. Eric is delicious and oh-so-yummy.
    2. Teleporting = awesome answer!
    3. I feel the same way about the re-read. This is my second time reading it. It was my first vampire story, and since then I've read some much more grown-up vampire series. I still love Twilight so much because it is just different than the others, and I'm so so so glad I did this re-read!


  9. Oh my gosh...I wish Meyer had done a more 'adult' version of Twilight. I wouldn't work at all as it is, considering they're all in high school. But I think because Edward seems so mature (technically he's 80!) I kept waiting for a bedroom scene. I guess Breaking Dawn was originally Forever Dawn and it was a little too sexy for YA...I'd love to give it a read though ;)

    Oh, and I hate that 'spider monkey' line in the movie too. It doesn't resound as cute to me...nor is it a sexy image. I've always wondered where they came up with that...

  10. Alluring-good one! I thought Rosalie and Jasper were twins in the movie, not the book? I guess I did not pay that much attention.
    To your reply on my answers- I think it is funny how our stories are similar with Twilight. It was my first vampire read. I kept telling everyone I was not into it, but they would say "it's a love story." After New Moon came out on movie I gave in and watched Twilight, fell in love and had to read the books. After seeing New Moon I bought book Twilight and Eclipse, I refused to read New Moon cause I was mad at Edward! My birthday was a few weeks away so my mother-n-law said she would buy me book Breaking Dawn and New Moon, if I promised to read it. :) Well I finished the books I got quickly and had to read Breaking Dawn, but could not buy it! No libraries had it, I called all my neighbors and friends til I found one!:) Oh well, that's my story!

  11. I am a Eric girl too, and a Damon girl. I agree that the baseball scene in the movie is def better then the book, but many parts in the book are so much better in the movie. I also think that the spider monkey line was not really needed.
    Great answers.