Safe Haven Movie Twitter Party/Q&A Recap


Hundreds, if not thousands, of Nicholas Sparks fans were in attendance at last night’s Safe Haven Movie Twitter Party/Q&A. #SafeHavenChat was trending for the United States (not sure if the hash tag trended worldwide). I had FOUR tabs open and I still had a difficult time trying to keep up with the chat. I had TweetChat, my @ mentions, the Twitter party host’s timeline, and Nicholas Sparks’ timeline all open so I wouldn’t miss anything.

Here are the questions Nicholas Sparks had the chance to answer.


Question: What made you start writing? I love your stories, but I'm curious as to the inspiration behind them.

Answer: I've always loved a good story and wanted to see if I could do it.

Question: What is it about North Carolina that moves you?

Answer: North Carolina = Kind people, small towns, beautiful geography, and the slow pace of life.

Question: Does it ever bother u that the original material is changed a bit for movies? Do u get to have input any?

Answer: It doesn't bother me and yes I have input. Books are stories told with words. Films are told with pictures.


I love this answer! 

Question: Have u ever run into writer’s block?

Answer: Every book. Writing is hard. That's why it's not called typing.

Question: What was the hardest thing about writing Safe Haven?

Answer: I wanted to make the story fair to the reader and to keep Katie's character honest.

Question: Are there any of your books that aren't movies, you wish we're adapted into film?

Answer: I think "The Guardian", "At First Sight", and "The Choice" would make great films.

Question: If u could relate 2 any of characters who do u connect with the most.

Answer: I relate to Alex as a father who trying to do the best he can for his kids.

Question: After visiting the set of movie, which actor's performance are you most looking forward to seeing on screen?

Answer: I think viewers will love them all…@JoshDuhamel @JulianneHough @CobieSmulders and David Lyons!

Question: How do you come up with what you are going to put on the cover?

Answer: For the novel covers, we select images from the story that are also in line with the overall brand.

Question: Julianne and Josh were a great casting call. What made you choose them as Katie and Alex?

Answer: .@JoshDuhamel and @JulianneHough had incredible auditions, and they brought complexity and depth to the roles.

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  1. so I am just curious, should I read the book before the movie?

    I just love Nicholas Sparks' books they are absolutely captivating and I feel like I am part of the book as I am reading along.

    1. I personally like reading the book before seeing the movie. And I love comparing the movie to the book :)


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