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Stolen Blog TourSome of you have probably heard how stressful things get for an author when they are getting ready for a new release. Shiloh Walker’s latest book STOLEN is due out… and, well. She didn’t handle the stress well this time. She went on a crime spree*…she hit fellow authors Thea Harrison, Vivian Arend, Larissa Ione, Carolyn Crane and Devon Monk. She held them up and swiped secrets and goodies. She keeps the secrets, but you get the goodies. Well, maybe a few secrets will slip out.

*This is all very tongue in cheek. Shiloh didn’t really snap. Well. Maybe she did. But no theft, larceny or other illegal activities were involved. No authors were harmed. Even though she’s still trying to figure out how to steal a couple of characters.

Continuing on my life of crime…if you want to catch up with where I’ve been, please visit my site.

This was a scary one…I broke into Devon Monk’s house. Devon is an urban fantasy writer and…well, the magic in her house is poisoned. I guess God was trying to teach me a lesson or something, because I barely escaped with my life. Still, since I’d already started, I went ahead and finished it. I only poked around a little bit, but I still managed to get some goodies…and you can have them. If you play along.

Q: If your characters pulled a major heist, where would they go to hide?

A: The street. Hiding in plain sight is the best way to survive a city filled with magic users.

Q: What would make an enticing target for your characters to steal?

A: Allie's not likely to actually steal something unless someone's life depended on it. Now, Shame Flynn, he's another story. He'd steal anything on a dare.

Q: If one of your characters could successfully heist something like the Hope Diamond...would they try?

A: And I'm back to Shame Flynn again. Yes, he'd do it. He'd probably draw a smiley face on it in permanent marker and put it back the next day. Just because he could.

Q: Do you have any favorite books that feature heists or thieves?

A: I love Lynn Flewelling's NIGHT RUNNER series.

I had to get out of there fast, before I did… I nabbed this off a flashdrive…

I looked up at him. He had stopped about six inches away, his thumbs tucked into his front pockets. I could smell his familiar pine cologne and wished I were home, in bed with him, in some kind of world where magic didn’t make everything and everyone it touched hurt.

“Tell me,” I said, “that you weren’t setting me up all along.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up, then pressed back down into a serious line. “Hmm. Like this entire mess was some kind of master plan I put in place a year ago just so I could see if you’d try to purify magic and save the world from two psychotic dead people?”

“Not that,” I said. “Expecting me to jump in and lead just because you said I should. Did you have that planned?”

He shook his head. “It just seemed right at the time. I overstepped a bit, didn’t I?”

I nodded. “More than a bit. Tell me first.”

“I will. If there’s a next time.”

“Good.” I placed my hands on either side of his hips, and felt his muscles contract. I rubbed my palms up his back, gently since I knew how damn much he was still hurting despite painkillers and a good doctor.

Then I kissed him.


Magic For a Price by Devon MonkI swiped a copy of Magic for a Price for this giveaway…you can win it. Just enter via the rafflecopter widget. A word of warning…never break into Devon’s house. Ever. O.O

All entries will be collected via the widget and all pertinent info is there. Winners will be announced on my (Shiloh’s) blog the week of November 5. And if you’re curious to read about the book that sent me on my crime spree…it’s called STOLEN. (Yes, I had to get the promo bit in there…)

Stolen by Shiloh WalkerALSO! Grand prize…everybody who enters gets into for a $50 GC to the online retailer of their choice (from one of the following retailers) Barnes and Noble, Amazon, BAMM or All Romance Ebooks. You can enter at each blog, once a day. Yes, the hosting blogs are allowed to enter. Smile

Visit Devon's site to learn more about her books. Her latest title, MAGIC FOR A PRICE, is due out November 6, 2012.

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  1. I know what i would take, my Kindle, and bring a solar panel so i never run out of power.
    Love this and can´t wait to read them, both! =)
    Happy Release & Happy Friday!


  2. I like Linda's idea....I would have to remember to grab a solar panel to keep my Kindle running. With my memory, I'd probably forget one or the other! LOL Don't you love those senior moments?

  3. Heh! Never break into Devon's house, eh? Making a note of that!

  4. the bare minimum. want to be able to move quickly. i loved the post. had me LOL and rolling on the floor. thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Hilarious. Yep, I'd take my Nook for sure. I've never read any of Ms. Walker's books and I think it's time to change that.

  6. If Shiloh had to go into hiding, she should take her e-reader with her so she has books to read.


  7. If Shiloh went into hiding, she would need to take her smart phone....not only can she read books on it if she has the right apps, but she can keep up with what is going on in the outside world and get twitter tips from her friends on when to move on to the next hideout

  8. A 4G iPad loaded with books, a battery backup to charge it, and maybe some cookies.

  9. She should take a book with her, of course! What else will keep her entertained?

  10. Cell, e-reader and laptop, we can make do with this!!!

  11. An iPhone, a laptop and some yummy food.

  12. A book and a laptop. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Shiloh needs to take her laptop with her, so she can keep working on the next book(s)! And her favourite shoes.

  14. Laptop, wifi modem and a power generator.

  15. I would say books and her laptop. Things a girl needs :)

  16. Definitely a smart phone with a solar charger - oh and a leatherman tool, all brave chicks eventually need to fix something or another :)

  17. I have to agree, a laptop and solar panel.


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