Book Review: Blood Heat by Josh Lanyon

Blood Heat by Josh LanyonTitle: Blood Heat
Series: Dangerous Ground, #3
Author: Josh Lanyon
Genre: Romantic Suspense, M/M Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy from author
Published: October 2012

Special Agents for the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt have been partners forever and lovers for three months, but their new relationship is threatened when Will is offered a plum two-year assignment in Paris.

Will believes the posting only means postponing what they both want. Taylor fears that kind of separation will mean the end of their new and still-fragile relationship.

It's a bad time to find themselves in the middle of the New Mexico wilderness responsible for the health and welfare of a suspected terrorist. Especially when everyone else they run into seems determined to see their prisoner -- and them -- dead.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: I so enjoyed this romantic suspense where the men’s mission parallels their romance.

The Set Up: Will has been offered a promotion in Paris which will separate him from Taylor for a minimum of two years. Before Will makes his decision, he and Taylor are asked to escort a criminal to Los Angeles but they’re being followed by more than just Russian mafia and may not make it to LA alive.

Why I Read this Book: These short novellas are like mini candy bars—I can’t stop eating, ahem, reading ‘em!

What I Liked: It takes a talented writer to run a romance parallel to suspense, in my opinion. The men are circling the issue of Will’s promotion but they have a dangerous job to do still. I really enjoyed this complex storytelling as the romance and the suspense are well balanced and complement each other. For instance, the hostage is trying to push the men’s buttons and she asks Will if he’s ever had sex with women. The ensuing conversation is equal parts touching, humorous and awkward. This is great storytelling here.

I also like that Taylor and Will aren’t carbon copies of each other. This is illustrated in how Will responds when Taylor is held at gunpoint, which is very different than how Taylor responds when Will’s life is in danger. Even though this is romantic suspense, there is great humor in this story, like how Taylor responds when Will is being held at gunpoint.

What I Didn’t Like: These novellas read like serial installments. They offer one adventure and show where Will and Taylor are in their relationship. This serial storytelling makes me dread getting caught up because I suspect I’ll be unhappy when I’m caught up and have to wait for the next installment because the relationship closure won’t be there.

IMO: Great romantic suspense novella for MM fans.

J9’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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