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In My Pocket is a new weekly feature we’re trying out where J9 and I share some of the links we’ve collected in Pocket. (To find out what Pocket is and how to use it, check out my tutorial on Pocket.) Some links will be book-related while some may be off-topic. Who knows what you’ll find in our Pocket ;) And if you use Pocket, we invite you to share what’s in your Pocket as well.

In J9's Pocket:

  • I'm always searching out steampunk books and Her Sky Cowboy really caught my attention here. Plus the author, Beth Ciotta, is entertaining on twitter as well. (via Urban Girl Reader)
  • I love Carrie Ann Ryan's Redwood Pack series so was giddy to read the free short stories that accompany the novellas. (via Carrie Ann Ryan)
  • Brianna and I both read Laura Kaye's Hearts of Darkness and liked the tatted up hero. I've been seeing her new book, One Night with a Hero with a tatted up heroine so wanted a review before I purchased it. (via Fiction Vixen Book Reviews)
  • Reading the new secrets is a Sunday morning tradition in our house. The secrets are by turn disturbing, emotional, and humorous. (via PostSecret)
  • My family and I are trying to make wiser consumer choices based upon our desire to be social conscious.  This website helps us find products that are "safe, healthy, green & ethical...based on scientific ratings. (via GoodGuide)


In Brianna's Pocket:

  • I love Bloggiesta. I have a never-ending bloggy to-do list. So when I found another blog-a-thon, that comes around in between Bloggiestas, you know I was thrilled. (via Biannual Blogathon Bash)
  • I love Katiebabs’ weekly posts that cover which books made the New York Times lists. She also talks about books she think will make the list and which books to watch out for. I’ve found a few books from her posts. (via Babbling About Books, and More)
  • It’s the Final Round of the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards so that means it’s your LAST CHANCE to vote. Polls close November 27 so jump on it. Winner will be announced December 4th. (via Goodreads)
  • I recently read a book because the hero has a peen piercing. (Yeah, I’m that easily swayed. And the book is called Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn, in case you’re interested.) It was a really good book and I was on the lookout for more books that have a hero with piercings so I was so glad when @angelajames tweeted this link. (via Smarts Bitches, Trashy Books)
  • @BethanyAan saw that I was having some trouble with my current knitting project (I kept having to frog (undo) the whole thing) and recommend using a ‘lifeline’. Best idea ever! (via Knitting Help)
  • I love how ‘New Adult’ is all the rage now. I prefer reading NA to YA and this list comes in handy. (via Goodreads)

Because I’m nosey as hell and ‘sharing is caring’ and all that, leave us a comment and tell us what’s in your Pocket.

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  1. What's the difference between new adult and young adult?

    1. YA protagonists are in their teens whereas NA protagonists are college-aged and living away from their parents. Brie wrote a really good description about what NA on Heroes and Heartbreakers.

  2. Thanks for the link to the Good Guide. I've never heard of that site.

    1. It's a good site we use often. It's got a nice mobile site too for when you're at the store.

  3. Ha! I just came here from something I had saved on Pocket about you hosting the 2013 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge!