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In My Pocket is a new weekly feature where J9 and I share some of the links we’ve collected in Pocket. (To find out what Pocket is and how to use it, check out my tutorial on Pocket.) Some links will be book-related while some may be off-topic. Who knows what you’ll find in our Pocket ;) And if you use Pocket, we invite you to share what’s in your Pocket as well.

In J9's Pocket:

  • I am always searching for no sugar energy bar recipes and this date and oatmeal one was super easy and yummy, though I used the rolled oats I had in the cupboard not the brand suggested. (via Colorful Canary)
  • I have warned blog readers that I'm a fan of "best of" lists and this is romance authors sharing their 2012 favorites. (via USA Today)
  • I adored Seinfeld and these twitter geniuses created a twitter account exploring "What if Seinfeld was still on the air?" I've laughed so hard looking at their past tweets and have to share the fun. (via Twitter)


In Brianna's Pocket:

  • This review of ICED by Karen Marie Moning confirms my reservations about Dani’s age. I would have the same problems with Dani that January had, especially being that Dani is only 14 years old. (via Dear Author)
  • I, personally, do not listen to audio books but I found this article about narrators reading racy content fascinating and funny at the same time. “Sorry, could you do that sentence again. The ‘p’ in penis popped.” (via Heroes and Heartbreakers)
  • The CW orders "’Hunger Games’ inspired reality show, without the killing. (via CNN)
  • The good news: Inez Kelley has a new Contemporary Romance series coming out!! The bad news: the first book doesn’t release until September 2013. If you’ve read this author, you’re just as excited as I am. If you haven’t (and shame on you!), you’re definitely missing out. Here’s the series description: COUNTRY ROADS is a trilogy surrounding a West Virginia lumber company, Hawkins Hardwood, and the men who work there. Is there anything sexier than a man who knows his hardwood? It had at ‘hardwood’. (via Inez Kelley)
  • PitchDark is hosting a read-a-thon for Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. The read-a-thon begins 12/17 and if you participate, you’ll be eligible to win a signed, hardcover copy of the sequel Unravel Me. I’ve had Shatter Me on my shelf for months now and I think this would be the perfect time to read it. I’m in! (via PitchDark)
  • Remember when Apple was suing companies for copying their designs and technology? Well, the U.S. Court found iPhone guilty of violating 3 patents. Ruh roh. (via Mashable)
  • And the list of the most whackiest baby names is out. Wasn’t ‘Americus’ the name of Novalee’s daughter in Where the Heart Is? *checks IMDb* Yup! I was right. Though there is a ‘Rogue’ is my kid’s class. It was weird at first to hear the name but it’s grown on me. (via Babycenter)

Because I’m nosey as hell and ‘sharing is caring’ and all that, leave us a comment and tell us what’s in your Pocket.

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