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In My Pocket is a new weekly feature where J9 and I share some of the links we’ve collected in Pocket. (To find out what Pocket is and how to use it, check out my tutorial on Pocket.) Some links will be book-related while some may be off-topic. Who knows what you’ll find in our Pocket ;) And if you use Pocket, we invite you to share what’s in your Pocket as well.

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In Brianna's Pocket:

  • You’ve heard of ‘Where’s Waldo?’, right? Here’s the real life Instagram version: Where’s Momo. Cute!
  • How many of us have taken pictures of food we eat and share it on a social network, like Instagram? I do. I know it can be annoying but I can’t help myself and I like looking at different food people eat. Well, some restaurants want to ban people from taking pictures of the food. File this under LAME-O. Bans like this won’t bring #Instafood down. It’s free advertisement; why would restaurants want to ban free ads?
  • Since Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care about your privacy, he doesn’t deserve any privacy himself. That’s why this article on ‘How to use “Graph Search” to Facebook-stalk Zuckerberg and his minions employees’ is made of awesome. Take THAT Zuckerberg!
  • I hate reading ToS’s, don’t you? So does some guy named Jesse because he translated Instagram’s new ToS into plain English. Uh, Jesse, do you take requests? There are a lot more ToS that could use some plain ‘ol English translation. For reals.
  • Fox ordered a pilot for Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I would have rather seen this as a movie.
  • Apparently unlocking cellphones becomes illegal in the U.S. after tomorrow. Good thing I don’t have to worry about this since I still live in the 90s with my ‘dumbphone’.
  • For those of you that know me know me, you know I like OCD organization stuff. Check out this OCD eye candy of organized pantries. (I almost wrote ‘panties’.) My pantry will never look like that (hey, I live in the real world, filled with Hamburger Helper, Macaroni & Cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs – you try to make that look pretty, okay) but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look.

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