Movie Review: One For the Money

One For the MoneyJ9: So thanks to the miracle of Amazon Prime, we both watched the comedy One for the Money based on Janet Evanovich’s character Stephanie Plum starring Katherine Heigl.  I’ve only read two of the Stephanie Plum books but I love this loud-mouthed New Jersey bounty hunter and thought her character translated to film well.  What did you think?

Brianna: Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed watching it! I didn’t think I was going to like it because it stars Katherine Heigl. Ever since she removed herself from being nominated for an Emmy for her stint on Grey’s Anatomy because of ‘poor writing’, I have disliked her. And when I saw the movie trailer for One for the Money, I didn’t think either of the male leads were swoon-worthy. But I can honestly say, now that I’ve watched the film, that the guys selected to play Morelli and Ranger weren’t too hard on the eyes. I found both male leads to be appealing, not only physically but personality-wise as well. I can see the love triangle blossoming already.

J9: Yes, the actors weren’t the draw for me to watch either but I was pleasantly surprised how they came together for an entertaining movie. I love Stephanie Plum’s character because she’s clueless about how to be a bounty hunter but she stumbles her way into the profession without losing her femininity. I love the line where she says “look what a 125 pound woman can do...Okay, 130 pounds!”

Brianna: I love Stephanie Plum’s humor! She doesn’t take anything too seriously and she definitely knows how to give back as much as she takes, especially when it comes to Joe Morelli. I love the little spat they’ve got going on but I also like that most of the tension between the two of them is sexual. They’re not going for the kill, so to speak. There’s a real chance that they could hook up (something more than what went down at the bakery many years ago). One of my favorite scenes is the shower scene. I love (and I’m LOLing right now as I type this) how Morelli just walked into Stephanie’s home, cuffed her to the shower curtain rod, took her towel and left. It was hilarious!

J9: I agree! That scene was very funny and showcases the love triangle perfectly because she has to call Ranger to get out of her predicament.

Brianna: Yes it does! And I like how different Morelli and Ranger are. I like both guys. I can see why the love triangle goes on forever in the books (or so I’ve been told). How can a girl choose? Speaking of the books, you said you’ve read 2 of them. Any desire to continue reading the series? I think the author has written 19 so far. I have yet to read a single Stephanie Plum book but I finally have a copy of One for the Money, which I hope to read soonish.

J9: I have read two Stephanie Plum novels but I’m not much of a mystery reader so doubt I’ll read any more.  Plus, I love romance and this triangle doesn’t offer the traditional romance that I crave in books (or the eroticism!)

Brianna: I get that. Me, personally, I’m curious to see what else happens with Stephanie Plum in her adventures as a female bounty hunter.  I’ve watched the movie TWICE now. And I, for one, am not one who can re-watch movies (just as I don’t re-read books). I have a few select favorites where I can watch again but it’s a limited few.

J9: I re-read books like a mo’fo but I don’t re-watch movies often unless they’re my nerdy favorites.  I will absolutely watch another Stephanie Plum movie if made though.

Brianna: I’m very curious to see if more of the books will be adapted into film. I wonder if anyone knows......?

J9: I also think the secondary characters were entertaining: Plum’s crazy maternal grandmother, the stoner Joe, the sassy Trenton hookers and her pervy cousin who hires her as a bail bondswoman.

Brianna: The sassy Trenton hookers were funny. And the grandmother; she was a hoot! Again, the film wasn’t too serious and I liked that.

Let’s talk about Heigl's Jersey accent. I’m a West Coaster and let me just say right now that I am not too familiar with East Coast accents. I can tell when there’s an accent but I couldn’t tell you where it’s from. What I can say about Heigl’s accent is that it fluctuated. At times it was thick as honey (to my West Coast ears) and barely present at other times.

J9: Ah! Heigl’s New Jersey accent was hideously bad though a few other characters had a decent Jersey accent.  I also liked the raw Trenton setting and the plot had good twists to it that I think made for a good mystery without being so dark that it took away from the humorous tone of the movie.

Brianna: Another funny thing for me was when people would call her by her full name - Stephanie Plum. Everybody’s got a Jersey accent yet when they say her name, the accent is gone. And the way they enunciate her name. “Does your mother know you carry a gun, Stephanie PLUM?” LOL

One gripe I had with the movie was when Stephanie turned in her first bond jumper. She’s new to the world of bounty hunting so how the hell did she know the protocol for turning someone over to the authorities? She knew who to call, the lingo, and where to go. She sounded like a pro. It was off course for a rookie bounty hunter.

J9: Being from the East Coast I expect movies to get regional accents wrong so that didn’t bother me too much.  But her sudden knowledge of bounty hunting when she’d had no training was irksome.  But taken as a whole I thought this an entertaining movie that features a strong female heroine who I liked.

Brianna: Overall, I really enjoyed watching One for the Money. I’m anxious to read the first book as well as the rest of the series. I give the movie 4 frogs.

Brianna’s Rating:
4 Frogs

J9: I enjoyed it as well and hope they continue the series by making more movies.  It’s a 3 frog rating for me because I’m a tough movie critic.

J9’s Rating:
3 Frogs

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  1. I really liked the movie I thought they did a good job making the book into a movie!

    1. Yeah, us too. The love triangle and lack of resolution with that won't have me reading the books but I'd definitely watch another movie in the series. You read the books as well? Would you also watch another installment as a movie?

  2. Thanks for the fun review! I really need to see this movie but like you guys, I was hung up on the fact that it had KH. I'm not a fan even when she was on Grey's. I love this series... but only up until about book 12. Then the series loses that fun spark and gets repetitively annoying... siiiiigh... hate when that happens!

    1. I needed the love triangle resolved instead of being there forever!