Book Review: Falling Blind by Shannon K. Butcher

Falling Blind by Shannon K. Butcher

Title: Falling Blind
Series: Sentinel Wars, Book 7
Author: Shannon K. Butcher
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy from publisher via NetGalley
Published: April 2, 2013 by Signet

A beautiful, independent Theronai, Rory Rainey knows that her attempts to be a warrior are futile—unless she can stop the demonic visions that torment her. Determined to be free, Rory sets out to find the mysterious guardian who can cure her, before she loses her sight—or her life. But Rory’s journey brings its own dangers when she is attacked by a pack of Synestryn sent by the demon lord Raygh.

Cornered and desperate, Rory narrowly escapes with the help of a sword-wielding stranger. Cain knows that Rory needs his protection to survive, just as he knows that her power is compatible with his own. And when Rory binds herself to Cain, the warrior knows he will do anything to keep her safe from the threat of the demon lord that pursues her.

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: The heroine killed the romance for me with her snarky meanness to the long-suffering hero. I was also pissed that my favorite series sub-plot wasn’t mentioned at all and another one I liked had a bad conclusion. Humph.

The Set Up: Rory has always been alone even while being plagued with seeing through other people’s eyes. She knows about the demons that stalk her kind so when a man jumps in during one of her battles she can’t rely on him even though she’s attracted to him. Cain is a Theronai warrior near death since he hasn’t found a woman to help channel his power but knows Rory could be that woman if she’d just let down her guard.

Why I Read this Book: I adore this series. Book four, Living Nightmare, is one of my favorite paranormal books ever and I reread it often. To continue this series is a no brainer up until now…

What I Liked: I love the hero, Cain. He’s been an important character in the series and the last book left his character floundering and in grave danger of imploding under his guilt and grief. I was super anxious to revisit him and see him get his well-deserved HEA. Cain lived up to my expectations in that he was a strong but loving hero. This is illustrated when Cain has an internal speech weighing his need to live and have a woman channel his energy so he doesn’t implode with Rory’s desire for independence. His total willingness to sacrifice himself for Rory’s happiness is believable within his character’s development and I loved him for his selfless love.

What I Also Liked: The secondary characters continue to hold my attention here. The Theronai leader, Joseph, better have his HEA soon! I love the inclusion of previous couples in the series as they battle the demons and try to keep oblivious humans safe. The series mythos is that a couple can channel a male Theronai’s energy to be the strongest fighters and I like how the author keeps to this by having the previous couples show up for big battles. The action is plentiful in this book and kept my attention.

What I Didn’t Like: Rory. Rory is an asshole. I get that she’s isolated, lonely and used to relying on herself but it doesn’t give her license to be so cruel to Cain. Cain doesn’t do anything to cause her to mistrust him and yet she perpetually does and pushes him away. I think her snark was passively humorous until it was directed at poor Cain and then it pissed me off. Instead of coming across as independent, which I think was the author’s attempt, Rory just came across as a petulant immature child undeserving of Cain’s love.

The other thing that bummed me out was the series sub-plots. One that I’m dying to learn more about, the Theronai Thor and his human love interest, Grace, aren’t even mentioned. Okay, fine, author is leaving it for a full length book but hurry up already! The other series plot that I liked was about a half demon’s love for an abused human and their quarter-demon son. Well, they’re here but that sub-plot wrapped up quickly and badly. I am bah humbugging this book big time.

IMO: This is the series low point for me so far. I had to read it because I’m not off the series bandwagon yet but think new readers should skip this one and start with book one and see if they want to read this book when they come to it.

J9’s Rating:
2 Frogs

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  1. I still have Blood Hunt and Dying Wish to read before this one. But with a 2 star review I'm in no hurry. LOL

  2. I wanted to love this book but alas...


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