Mini-Reviews: Two Short M/M Stories by Madeleine Urban

Blog readers know I’ve been on a Madeleine Urban frenzy lately. I’ve read all the stories she’s written with Rhianne Aile and now have two short novellas she wrote on her own. Presto, review-o!

Mini-Review Fruit and Cheese is a perfect Christmas story but without any eroticism. Eli is putting himself through college working at an upscale grocery store. One evening a gorgeous man pulls up in a limo asking for a last minute order of exotic fruit and cheese. Eli thinks it’s just another order until the man returns again and again with more orders. I liked Eli as most of the story is told through his eyes. As to Luke, who doesn’t love a Cinderella story with a rich, older guy? The set up was good but Eli only realizes Luke’s attraction with 12 lines left in the short story so there is no time for intimacy of any kind. This isn’t a terrible read, just not a special one either.


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2 Frogs

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Mini-Review Room to Run is not my favorite short read. Allan is a horse breeder and racer so he’s thrilled when his friend ships him a new horse but his real birthday present isn’t the horse. This isn’t even good erotica. It’s too short to be a sexual exploration and the men don’t even pretend to have feelings for each other. This one left me cold.


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1 Frog

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Sorry, blog readers that I didn’t love either of these short reads but Urban has others that showcase her talent.

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  1. I may like the first one, I'm not a huge fan of tons of sex and I like the idea of picturing their relationship just on the cusp of happening.

    The second ones sounds horrible though.

    1. You nailed the first! You may really like it then.


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