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In My Pocket is a new weekly feature where J9 and I share some of the links we’ve collected in Pocket. (To find out what Pocket is and how to use it, check out my tutorial on Pocket.) Some links will be book-related while some may be off-topic. Who knows what you’ll find in our Pocket ;) And if you use Pocket, we invite you to share what’s in your Pocket as well.

In J9's Pocket:

  • As an out and proud feminist I often read romances through this lens.  I found Courtney Milan's The Governess Affair a romance novella feminists could be proud of.  Author and blogger Olivia Waite thought so too and wrote a stellar analysis.
  • Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books writes for Kirkus Review about the Sneaky Appeal of the Beta Hero that I enjoyed.
  • I started reading romances with Judith McNaught's books and hated the "heroes".  This was a compelling discussion on the difference between her misogynist heroes and Loretta Chase's heroes.  In my opinion, the blog author totally nailed why I dislike McNaught's books but enjoy Chase's (for the most part).
  • This will be Mid-West centric but parking in Chicago will kill you.  It's not unusual to pay $50-60 a night to park your car in downtown Chicago.  I recently discovered and have a moral imperative to share it with you all.  For our anniversary stay in downtown Chicago last weekend we paid $30 for two nights' parking and saved $70, which I promptly spent on booze at the piano bar and food in Greektown. SpotHero is my hero!


In Brianna's Pocket:

  • Yesterday was Pi Day! I love that schools celebrate this, even as early as Kindergarten.
  • I love infographics. They’re informative and easy to use. Here are some on Bookworms, Lego Minifigs (did you know that the hole on top of their head is in case it gets swallowed, the person can still breathe?), Find Your Missing Child, and Blood Pressure.
  • I am seriously considering getting a slow cooker so I’m on the hunt for crock pot recipes. A Year of Slow Cooking is one site I’ve been searching through. If you know of any other great slow cooking recipe sites, please do let me know!
  • DABWAHA time is here! I participated last year but the whole thing is kind of confusing so I’ll have to read up on it again so I can join in the fun again this year.
  • I’m trying out Triberr again. I have created a tribe for Romance Book Bloggers, if you’d like to join :) (This tribe would be for the 18+ crowd since there could be erotica posts.)

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  1. Love the bookworm infographic-if they'd gotten my numbers, their totals would have been much higher :)

  2. My mom never used a slow cooker, so I didn't either until a few years ago when a friend recommended I get one. Now, I rarely cook anything else. It helps that my hubs doesn't like roasts, but he loves stews of all kinds. I don't have a specific blog I go to, but whenever I want to make something in the slow cooker, for example, chili, I google "slow cooker chili" or "crockpot chili" and usually get a slew of recipes. I'd also highly recommend The Everything Slow Cooker Cookbook by Pamela Rice Hahn. When I first got mine, I bought this plus several others, and this one is consistently good.

    PS, if you like Mexican, I have a fantastic and really easy way to make slow cooker shredded beef, which I then use for tacos, burritos, etc. and it freezes really well also. Basically, you throw a rump roast or bottom round roast into the slow cooker with a 24 oz jar of salsa (mild, medium or hot, whatever you prefer), cook for 7-8 hours until it shreds easily, pull the meat out, scoop out most of the liquid, then shred the meat and mix back in with the remaining cooked salsa liquid. It's amazing how good it is. You can make it wetter by mixing back as much or little of the cooked salsa liquid as you like.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation - I'll check that book out. I'm really excited and can't wait to finally get a slow cooker in my hands :)

    2. I'm making an Italian pot roast today. The best thing about it is that it takes about 20 minutes to throw everything in the crock pot, then you are done! There will be a bit of additional work at the end to thicken the gravy, but it's so much easier than regular cooking.

    3. it's so much easier than regular cooking

      That's music to my ears!