Blog Tour: Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg

Desire by Design Blog Tour

Author Paula Altenburg is here with us today to share ten of her favorite foods. Welcome to The Book Vixen Paula!

Author Guest Post

This is going to be an embarrassing list. I’m a total junk foodie and should be ashamed. I’m also a heart attack waiting to happen. And I’m sure, by the end of this list, I’m going to be drooling worse than Pavlov’s dog. You know how Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich’s books will go for a run and then eat donuts?

Guilty. I had M&Ms for breakfast this morning.

So here we go. Ten of my favourite foods:

  1. Belgian chocolate
  2. Mars Bars
  3. Low sodium potato chips (I’m on a health kick)
  4. Scalloped potatoes and baked ham
  5. The fat off fried pork chops (too honest?)
  6. Canned tuna, pasta and mayonnaise
  7. Canned peas (those little ones – the “sweet and tender”)
  8. Barbecue steak
  9. Smoked salmon on whole wheat Ritz crackers
  10. Belgian chocolate (that one is worth repeating, especially if you’ve ever eaten it in Belgium)

I hope my doctor doesn’t follow my blog tour. I lie to her about my eating habits.

Don’t judge me.


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About the Book

Desire by Design by Paula AltenburgTitle: Desire by Design
Author: Paula Altenburg
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 13, 2013 by Entangled Bliss

He stole her job, and now she's stealing his heart.

Eve Doucette finally almost has it all. She's free from her mistake of an ex-husband and just landed her dream job: project manager for a new City Hall and drafter of the final design. That is, until a handsome architect sweeps into town to commandeer her blueprints.

Famous architect Matt Brison is unsatisfied with his mundane life in Toronto. So when the mayor of Halifax asks him to spearhead his City Hall project, Matt jumps at the opportunity. There's just one problem: the feisty and beautiful project lead, Eve, who isn't exactly thrilled about her new "coworker" hijacking her design.

But when the sparks begin to fly, they both find themselves falling for the colleague they shouldn't want. And before they know it, their already shaky foundation might come crumbling down...

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  1. Love your list! Belgian Chocolate is a favorite of mine have you tried Pop chips?

    1. There's such a thing as pop chips?!? Where have I been and what else am I missing???

  2. Most of my favorite foods are chocolate-related as well. You just can't go wrong with chocolate :D

    1. I'd eat Brussels sprouts if they were coated in chocolate.

  3. Hi Brianna and Paula! Paula, I'm a total junk food junkie, too. Have a huge sweet tooth. (Plus I run, too. So we could totally go for a run and then eat some Belgian chocolate together.) :) I love how you're eating low sodium potato chips - very healthy. LOL Thanks for sharing your favorite foods!

    I loved Desire by Design!

    1. Thanks, Robin! We should have breakfast together in either Atlanta or Vegas. ;-) I'll bring the potato chips.