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Author Kate Meader is here with us today sharing an exclusive excerpt from their latest release, Feel the Heat. Welcome to The Book Vixen Kate!


Thanks so much to The Book Vixen for hosting an exclusive, never-before-seen excerpt from my debut, Feel the Heat. Only $2.99 from Forever Romance!

Feel the Heat is the first book in my Chicago-set Hot in the Kitchen series about an Italian restaurant-owning family and the sizzling, sexy chefs who love them.

In this scene, Lili has just found out that she (and her butt) are trending on Twitter after a steamy kiss with celebrity chef, Jack Kilroy went video viral. Understandably, she’s feeling a little low and now Jack’s trying to cheer her up the best way he knows how—by cooking for her.

“Come here,” he said, pulling her back into the reality of hot male at close quarters. At the stove, he tested a pan with a few drops of water, then a couple of shards of butter, eyeing it carefully while the fat melted and bubbled. His hands shaved garlic, working fast, and she imagined they would do wonderful things to her body. When he threw in the slivers, the aroma exploded, dragging her closer. By the time he’d added a chopped chili pepper and dropped in several jumbo shrimp, tails still on, she was practically on top of the stove.

Down, girl.

The shrimp pinked up perfectly, and he held one by the tail and bit into it. “Mmm, that’s the stuff,” he murmured as he offered the remainder to her.

“No, you’re okay. Remember, I’m trying to cut out bad influences and that includes death foods like butter.” And you, she thought, keenly mindful that letting him feed her would stir up all sorts of sultry sensations in the deep south.

He muttered something in French. She responded with her blankest, least-turned-on look, and silently congratulated herself. Mistress of her domain.

“Butter. Give me butter. Always butter,” he translated. “That was the mantra of Fernand Point, a great French chef who died about fifty years ago.”

“Let me guess. He keeled over after a madeleine binge.”

The shrimp still beckoned, so she surrendered, placing her hand over his while she bit down on the chili-and-garlic-encrusted crescent of joy. God, so good. A trickle of melted butter drooled from the corner of her mouth and his thumb was immediately there, sneaky-fast, wiping it away. He dawdled, dragging her bottom lip down gently. A wild yet insistent pulse started deep within her.

His eyes bored into her and she pulled away, but her retreat was only physical. Riveted, she stared, hunger gnawing at her that was completely unrelated to food. He licked the butter from his thumb. The same thumb she wished was jammed inside her mouth this very minute.

“It’s okay to admit it, you know,” he said quietly.

Her breath caught. “Admit what?”

“That you like my food.” They both knew that wasn’t what he meant.

She held his molten gaze. “We’re in a contest tomorrow night and I can’t be seen giving comfort to the enemy. It’s best we keep this on a professional level, don’t you think?”

“So, no flirting.” He stepped in. Pretty damn flirty.

She backpedaled. “No flirting.”

Two more steps to make up for her withdrawal, and he cupped her jaw. The spread of his warm fingers along the curve of her neck was unbelievably sensual.

“Or kissing,” he said.

Her body acted fairly predictably to his provocation before what was left of her brain took over and insisted that her hormones would not be the boss of her. Little suckers refused to play ball but she talked up her best game.

“Especially not kissing.” She moved out of his reach. “Haven’t you heard? You’re bad news, Jack Kilroy. It’s all over the Internet.”

Discomfort brushed across his features. Her stomach pitched in guilt, but she made her back a titanium rod and steeled her resolve. Better a little upset now than a bellyful of heartache later.

About the Book

Feel the Heat by Kate MeaderTitle: Feel the Heat
Series: Hot in the Kitchen, Book 1
Author: Kate Meader
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published/Release Date: May 7, 2013 by Forever Romance


Photographer Lili DeLuca spends all her time managing her family's Italian restaurant, instead of following her dream of getting an MFA. When famous British chef Jack Kilroy unexpectedly challenges her father to a cook-off, Lili decides she's tired of playing it safe and vows to seduce the tempting Brit. But once a video of her and Jack kissing goes viral and her luscious butt starts trending on Twitter, Lili fears she's cooked up a recipe for disaster.


Jack Kilroy's celebrity has left him feeling used and used up. While Lili's oh-so-sexy moans when she tastes his delicious creations turn him on, he's even more aroused by how unimpressed this beautiful, funny woman is with his fame. He knows they could be amazing together, if she could only see past his bitch fork-wielding fan base. Now, as he's about to start a new prime time TV cooking show, can Jack convince Lili to realize her own ambitions - and turn up the heat in his kitchen?

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About the Author

Author Kate MeaderKate Meader writes contemporary romance that serves up delicious food, to-die-for heroes, and heroines with a dash of sass. Originally from Ireland, she cut her romance reader teeth on Catherine Cookson and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Mills & Boons thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron, and she’s there. She has a bachelor’s in law (useless), a master’s in history (not as useless), and another master’s in library and information science (yay, using). When not writing about men who cook and the women who drool over them, she works in an academic library. Her stories are set in her adopted home town of Chicago, a city made for food, romance, and laughter – and where she met her own sexy hero. For news, excerpts, and recipes, check out her website.

Find the author online: website | blog | goodreads | twitter | facebook


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  1. OMG! That excerpt was so hot. And I'm dying to taste the shrimp...

    1. Right, Sandy? Chili, butter, hot chef...all sorts of hungry over here!

  2. LOL... I don't cook... I provide :) We have a long standing joke that when it's my turn to "cook", I cater...

    1. As long as the food gets on the table, the love is there :)

  3. I love making chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy and sexy. That excerpt was hot and fun I can't wait to read this book! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Rhonda. It was hot and fun to write - I hope you enjoy it!

  4. It's spaghetti and meatballs. I just love that scene from Lady and the Tramp.

  5. My job didn't allow for much cooking time until recently. So, we've started having a date night on which we select something we've not had before and work on cooking it together. Makes the food taste even better... so not a favorite food, but a favorite helper ;)

  6. @Debby Steak is always a winner!

    @Kai That scene is so fun and romantic :)

    @Evanlea Author I love how you're spending your cooking time together - that's so sweet!

  7. Love the line "her luscious butt starts trending on Twitter" – so unexpected and funny :)

    1. Thanks, Aria. Poor Lili, that's only the beginning of her trouble ;)