Book Review: Dragos Takes a Holiday by Thea Harrison

Dragos Takes a Holiday by Thea HarrisonTitle: Dragos Takes a Holiday
Series: Elder Races, Book 6.5
Author: Thea Harrison
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by author
Published: November 28, 2013 (self-published)

The Bermuda Triangle. Pirates. The Peanut. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragos Cuelebre needs a vacation. So does Pia, his mate. When the First Family of the Wyr head to Bermuda for some much needed R&R, it's no ordinary undertaking - and no ordinary weekend in the sun. Between hunting for ancient treasure buried beneath the waves and keeping track of their son, Liam—a.k.a. Peanut, whose Wyr abilities are manifesting far ahead of schedule—it’s a miracle that Pia and Dragos can get any time together.

They're determined to make the most of each moment, no matter who tries to get in their way.

And did we mention pirates?

Reviewed By: J9

In a Nutshell: Fun novella that series fans will gobble up as I did.

The Set Up: Pia and Dragos need a vacation so they decide to take baby Liam with them to Bermuda to search for a lost ship. But others are searching for the lost ship and don’t know that Dragos is the most feared Wyr on the planet or that he’ll do anything to protect his love Pia and his son Liam.

Why I Read this Book: Series addict!

What I Liked: This is a fun snippet of life for Pia and Dragos, our first couple in this stellar series. We get to see Pia making dinner for Dragos and him being called back to work but then how he returns to his family late at night. This is lovely to read because it successfully combines their romantic life and their family life. Series fans like me adore Dragos and Pia’s intimate relationship where the couple truly loves and respects each other and readers get to watch.

What I Also Liked: Liam, a.k.a Peanut, is super adorable in this novella. We see how much his mom and dad love him. Plus we get some passages from Liam’s point of view which was cute and fun.

The plot involving the sunken ship was just enough backbone for this story. It didn’t overwhelm the relationships between Pia, Dragos and Liam but gave an edge to the novella. I love how Dragos shows his love for Pia and Liam at novella’s end. The bloodthirsty parent in me approved!

What I Didn’t Like: Nothing, this was a quick and enjoyable novella.

IMO: This is a no brainer for series fans; new fans should start at the beginning and then they’ll enjoy this just as much when they get to it.

J9’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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  1. Peanut was so adorable in this one. I loved everything about it too. I loved the interactions between Pia and Liam and the interactions between Dragos and Liam as much as I've always enjoyed Pia and Dragos' relationship. It was just plain fun and a wonderful treat for fans of the series. And yeah, I'm addicted to The Elder Races too ;)

    1. My name is J9 and I'm a Elder Races Addict :)