Book Review: Slide Down on Me by Lissa Matthews

Slide Down on Me by Lissa MatthewsTitle: Slide Down on Me
Author: Lissa Matthews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sensuality Rating: Steamy
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: February 12, 2014 by Ellora’s Cave

Small-town mechanic and tattooed bad boy Travis keeps his profile low, his needs satisfied outside the city limits, and his business running smoothly. He doesn’t cause trouble and he certainly doesn’t want any. Trouble finds him one scorching afternoon, however, in the form of the equally scorching Arabella Drake. The former heiress owes Travis for car repairs, money she can’t readily pay.

Their situation requires a creative solution, and while most of the town rejects Bella, Travis wants to ravish her. He offers a proposal, one that will soften the repair costs—and satisfy Travis’ longstanding wish to have Bella Drake naked, writhing and sliding down on every inch of him.

Why I Read this Book: Slide Down on Me has a very interesting premise and I wanted to find out how the situation played out. And would you just look at that cover!!

What I Liked: Travis was VERY direct and to the point, and Bella was the same way. There was no beating around the bush with these two. Direct and to the point with no games.

Travis has his nipple and his penis pierced! (I’m so easy. *wink*) Better yet, the author made his piercings part of the smutty sex scenes. With the romance novels I’ve read before that featured a hero with a Prince Albert, the piercing was mentioned in passing but not incorporated in the intimate scenes. So I appreciated that this author did just that. And boy, does Travis likes it rough!

I also liked that Travis is an auto mechanic, something I don’t come across all too often in romance novels. Having worked in the automotive industry myself, I liked reading about a hero who knows his way around cars.

What I Didn’t Like: A big part of the story is the fact that Bella's brother swindled a lot of people from their hometown out of their money. But it was never mentioned exactly how her brother stole peoples money. It was so vague and I really wanted some more details. It was also mentioned that there was a trust fund left to Bella by her grandmother and that there were stipulations and red tape. What kind of stipulations and red tape? It was mentioned and pointed out, so why wasn’t it addressed? So it felt like a loose end.

Memorable Moment:

“Seriously? Do you really need to think about it, Bella? Do you really need time to consider whether or not you want to fuck me?”

Overall Impression: Slide Down on Me was a quick, sexy read that was fun and light.

Brianna’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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  1. I'm always disappointed when an author doesn't include piercings in sex scenes. Cherrie Lynn does a great job of that in Rock Me.
    This cover obviously caught my attention, and I'm glad to see you liked it overall.
    Thanks for the fun review!


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