Book Review: Vipers Rule by Stephanie Tyler

Vipers Rule by Stephanie TylerTitle: Vipers Rule
Series: Skulls Creek, Book 2
Author: Stephanie Tyler
Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
Source: review copy provided by publisher
Published: July 7, 2015 by Signet

Even though he’s no longer a U.S. soldier, Talon “Tals” Garrity hasn’t lost his desire for living on the edge. As the enforcer for the Vipers Motorcycle Club, the eternal bad boy is always getting into trouble—especially with the ladies, who can’t seem to resist him. But when Maddie Wells returns to Skulls Creek, he’s shocked that she can’t seem to keep her hands off him either. Good thing Tals doesn’t mind playing with fire.

Growing up with her family’s prestigious name and money, Maddie could never indulge a bad-boy biker like Tals. Now that she’s back, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But if Maddie ends up getting what she wants, they might both be sorry. Because some very dangerous men are hot on her trail—and Tals and his MC will have to put their lives on the line to protect her.…

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Reviewed by: Crissy

Why I Read This Book: Because of my addiction to all things MC, I couldn’t pass this up. Plus, who doesn’t love a larger than life rich kid who gets brought down to size?

In A Nutshell: Maybe it’s just me. Probably it’s this book, though. Just a heads up—sometimes leaving things to the imagination, leaves a reader wanting more. As it was, I was just ready for this one to end.

What I Liked: So, with all the one percenter MC romances out there, I kind of liked that these guys are still “bad boys” but not hardcore criminal bad boys. It was a break from the killing and drugs and violence. Tals goes as far as being some sort of refuge and empowerment for battered women. I like that. Though I’m not exactly sure why he does it or how he got started.

I also liked the premise of the storyline. Little rich girl runs away from true love in order to get away from the town that she thought was a prison, only to find her way back in the one place she hated with the one man she can’t stop thinking about after the life she built for herself didn’t turn out the way she hoped. It’s sweet with almost a fairytale quality (mixed with alcohol and hot, sweaty sexy times).

What I Didn’t Like: Probably my biggest issue with this story is all the side stories. I like Preacher and Holly a lot, but their story pretty much played out while Tals and Maddie’s did. Then add into that the police detective and another MC brother’s side story and I wasn’t sure which way was up. Truly, I think I would have liked it better if those side stories were eluded to, hinted at, left to the imagination so that when those stories actually become reality I could think to myself, “Oh, yeah, I was wondering what happened way back when…” Now I know, and not only is it frustrating, but it interrupted and overshadowed the story that was actually happening. Not a fan.

A lot of the reasons the Viper’s do things—Tal’s side project, Preacher’s need to rise above—are skimmed over but not really explained. I felt like I was missing out on a lot of background that would have helped the story out. Not to mention Holly’s background—which I’m sure will come out in her own story, but honestly, I’m not sure I want to even go there.

In My Opinion: There was so much going on in this book that it’s hard to stay focused. Give me a bad boy and a spoiled little rich girl any day, but I could have done without everything else.

Crissy’s Rating:
1 1/2 Frogs

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  1. Sounds like this one might be a little too confusing for my tastes, although I do love a good bad boy story! Think I'll skip it for now though. Thanks for a great review!


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