Book Review: In His Wildest Dreams by Marie Treanor

In His Wildest Dreams by Marie TreanorTitle: In His Wildest Dreams
Author: Marie Treanor
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Sensual
Source: bought
Published: August 26, 2014 by Samhain Publishing

Every dream can come true…in unexpected ways.

The only time Glenn Brody acted on the waking dreams his mother called second sight, he landed in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he keeps himself grounded in the real world, turning a neglected Scottish mansion into a co-op that gives ex-cons a second chance.

He’s almost managed to ignore the persistent, erotically charged dreams featuring a beautiful, passionate woman—until that woman accosts him in the street to ask for a job.

In hiding from her violent ex, Izzy Ross has made a peaceful life for herself and her young son in the isolated Highland village of Ardknocken. Handsome men with a criminal record aren’t high on her list, but when work dries up, she’s forced to ask Glenn for a menial cleaning job at the big, dusty house.

Their mutual attraction turns all their preconceived notions upside down, and stirs the mansion’s legendary ghost. Attracting the kind of media attention that could force Glenn to make a perilous choice to save the woman he’s grown to love.

Warning: Contains a mansion full of unlikely heroes, liberal and colorful use of Scottish slang, a medieval ghost, and enough hot sex to spice up the chilliest Highland night.

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Reviewed by: Lesley

Why I Read This Book: The brooding ex-con hero, Scottish setting, and spooky ghost story angle intrigued me.

What I Liked: I really enjoyed Glenn and Izzy’s relationship. Both have troubled pasts and are adamantly working to secure a better future for themselves. Izzy is strong and smart, and even though she’s recently gotten out of a terrible relationship, she is keeping her life together for herself and for her son. Glenn grew up surrounded by crime, and now that he’s served his time he is looking for a second chance at life away from the world he was brought up in. I liked that this was a story about people who made some bad decisions and are trying their damnedest to move past them.

The Ardknocken House premise made for a great cast of characters and a really cool setting. The co-op/half-way house is full of ex-cons looking to work on their trades and live a steady and normal life. I liked that Izzy was uncertain about working there initially, but puts aside her judgment and does it anyways because she needs the job. I liked seeing her change her opinion about the house and it’s residents as she gets to know them, especially when she realizes they are preferable to many of the socially acceptable people of the town.

I’m glad that Glenn realizes his waking (potentially prophetic) dreams involving sleeping with Izzy before ever meeting her could be seen as creepy. Even though he’s had these dreams, their relationship ends up playing out in an honest and believable way. They have chemistry and the foundations of a friendship established before they ever get involved. I also liked that despite the dreams Glenn’s had, their relationship remains in their control. It doesn’t feel predestined or fated or anything like that.

What I Didn’t Like: I wish there had been more of the paranormal and ghost elements. I liked the ghost and the spooky gothic vibe of the mansion and would have loved a bit more of that thrown in.

I also felt like the revelation of Izzy’s back story and her past was a little rushed at the end. It was nice that the focus of the book was her relationship with Glenn and her ability to get her life back, but since her ex plays a big role in the end of the book, I would have rather had at least a few elements of the back story revealed earlier on.

Overall Impression: A little bit spooky and a lot sexy, In His Wildest Dreams is great read full of ex-cons, past mistakes, an old ghost, prophetic dreams, and quickies in the attic.

Lesley’s Rating:
4 Frogs

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