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Creating and Setting Up a Back Up Email Account {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

I created a back up email account back in early 2012 and here’s why: (1) You never know if/when your email will get hacked, and (2) if you use Gmail as your primary email and Google freezes/suspends your account for whatever reason (and when they do, they don’t give you notice; they just cut your access off, then tell you about it), it could affect ALL of your Google product accounts (Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, etc.). Either way, the idea here is to be proactive instead of reactive.

Browser Extensions {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

During the last Bloggiesta chat, a few of us were talking about browser extensions. I thought other people might like to know what extensions I use and find handy, so I’m going to share them with you. I use the Google Chrome browser, so these are all Chrome extensions. I found Firefox equivalents for almost all of them, but cannot vouch for them as I do not use Firefox.

Never Miss Another Update From Your Favorite Facebook Pages

With all of the changes Facebook has been making to its algorithms, we are not seeing as much content as we used to from the Pages we liked. I’m not going to go into how silly it is for Facebook to force Page owners to buy ads in order for their fans to see their content. That’s a rant for another day. But I will show you 4 easy things you can do so you never miss another update from your favorite Facebook Pages.

What is Windows Live Writer and How to Use It {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

Jacinda from The Housewives of Indiana did an amazing Bloggiesta mini-challenge on Windows Live Writer 2 years ago. (I’d link to it but her domain is now home to an escort agency, which I’m not going to drive traffic to.) I directed a lot of people to her post because it was informative and well done. Sadly, Jacinda closed up her blog and the post is no longer available. I am constantly pushing recommending WLW so I ran it by Jacinda and she has given her blessing for me to write up a post on WLW.

How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Online Activities {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

Updated March 15, 2014

When I first learned about IFTTT from Samantha, I was intimated by it. There were so many options and you have to really dial in to get recipes to work just the way you want them to. But the more I used IFTTT, the more comfortable I got. And now I’m currently up to 37 recipes. It’s addicting and habit-forming.

What is IFTTT?

How to Use Pocket to Save Time {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

Updated March 15, 2014

Links are constantly catching my attention, saying OPEN ME, LOOK AT ME, READ ME!! But most of the time when I’m perusing Twitter or going through my feed subscriptions on Feedly, I don’t have time to read an entire article or watch a video right there and then. So what’s a vixen to do? Save it for later – in Pocket.


What is Pocket?

Back Up Your Blog! {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

Updated March 16, 2014

Jackie at Farm Lane Books Blog did a Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge on this very topic a couple years ago. It’s a great and informative post that explains how to export your blog (whether you’re on Blogger or WordPress) and save it on your hard drive. I’m going to elaborate on it a bit and update it since Blogger has a new interface.

I’m also going to take you one step further. Make that two steps further. In addition to backing up your blog, we’re going to back up your template and create a back up blog on another platform.

Kindle Books: Buy Now, Gift Later

An interesting question came to mind today; Can I buy a Kindle book now and gift it later? Let me explain. I’m currently reading a book I requested from NetGalley. So obviously the book was free to me. But the authors of this book (it’s an anthology) are so awesome that they are donating ALL OF THE PROCEEDS to a worthy cause. So I want to do my part by purchasing the book and give it away. You know, spread the cheer and all that.

How to Create Reading Challenge Progress Bars

One of the questions I get asked a lot is How did you get the progress bars for your reading challenges? Well, I’m here today to show you how to do just that. I’m going to walk you through the process, step-by-step. You do not have to be a HTML expert (I, for one, am not) but you’ll need to be able to decipher some of the code, which I am going to help you do in this tutorial.

How to Read Library Books on your Apple Device

I may not be able to get eBooks from the library on my Kindle but I can get them for my iPod Touch. A few people asked me about this so I put this simple tutorial together. A few things to keep in mind: (1) Check to see if your library has an eBook lending program, (2) You will need a library card in order to download eBooks and (3) Check your library’s website for requirements as they may differ from my library’s requirements. Here we go.

UPDATED: How To Get the Direct Link to Your Tweet

This post was updated on 7/31/2012 to reflect the new process of getting the URL to your tweet.


I've noticed from hosting contests and giveaways that not everybody knows how to get the direct link to their tweet. So I'm going to show you how to do it.