Monday Bites: Twilight Re-Read Along Chapters 11-15

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This week’s questions – Chapters 11-15:

1. Do you think the name "Twilight" for this book is fitting with the story? Do you think a better name could have been chosen? What about the series and the names as a whole?

I like the title Twilight, and the word itself does tie somewhat into the story in this book, but I think there are other titles that could have been a more suitable fit for the book. I personally like The Lion Who Fell in Love with the Lamb (can you tell that’s one of my favorite lines in the book?). I like that each of the four individual book titles ties in with one another but I don’t like the name The Twilight Saga for the series. I think there could have been a more creative title for the series.

2. On this re-read, what’s your favorite part of the book? Is it the vampires, setting, plot, characters, Edward, or something else?

It’s Edward. Book Edward is so much better than Movie Edward. He’s more likeable, he has feelings and he has a sense of humor and actually laughs!!

3. Edward shows his stalkerish/controlling tendencies during these chapters for the first time (at least Bella is aware), did this bother you the first time you read Twilight? Does it bother you now that you’re re-reading it? Should Bella be more worried about it?

I can’t remember if his stalker tendencies bothered me the first time I read Twilight but it is a little creepy now that I’m re-reading it. I mean, the guy went through Bella’s house without her knowing! That’s some creepy stuff right there. And he was watching her while she slept! In real life, that has ‘psycho’ written all over it.

4. Do you find yourself, during or after reading another paranormal/supernatural book, comparing it to Twilight? If you do, why do you think that is? Is it because it’s popular or because it’s just a book that makes an impact?

No, I don’t find myself comparing many books to Twilight; very few really. It’s kind of bothersome that there are so many YA PNR books being compared to Twilight. I enjoyed reading Twilight but it’s not the be all and end all to YA PNR books. It’s not the greatest book ever written either.

I find myself comparing a lot of PNR books to the BDB series by J.R. Ward. The BDB series was one of the first PNR books I read and I loved it so much.

5. Bella is introduced to the Cullen Family in chapter 15, who is your favorite Cullen and why?

Alice and Esme – they’re the most accepting of Bella.

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  1. LOL- Edward is kinda psycho when it comes to Bella... and I agree he is so much better as a book character rather than a chalky paste boy in the movie, although they do get the makeup better as each one progresses...:)

  2. I love it when he laughs. They both laugh quite a bit.
    Amy @

  3. Yes to #2... book Edward is a DREAM. Movie Edward is an advertisement for some sort of disease.... he looks... well dead and I guess he is supposed to...ha ha

  4. The Lion Who Fell in Love with the Lamb.. haha sounds like a fable (or whatever those warning stories are called)

    and yes book Edward > movie Edward!!

  5. agreed that The Twilight Saga is lacking in the creativity department. they could have done something better than that, surely.

  6. I like your title choice! :)

    Everyone probably hates me for disliking Alice!

  7. I like your title too! I watched the movie the other day , I thought it would be a good idea since I was reading the book, and I find the more I watch it I don't like it. You are so right about Edward! There is so much more to Book Edward :)Okay so I have to ask, what book would you consider better than Twilight? You mentioned BDB, any other?

  8. I like your title too! But it begs the question...what would the rest of the titles be? I'd like to see that as a discussion Q...have everyone rename the books, lol. I bet we'd get some creative names. And is the BDB mentioned above the black dagger brotherhood, lol. probably not, but I am a lover of the trashy paranormal at times thought I found another fan!

  9. @Yani {AvidReader}

    It does sound like a title for a fable, doesn't it? LOL

  10. @The Book Diva

    I'm with you. The more and more I watch the Twilight movie, the more I get annoyed with it. The acting is pretty bad.

    Books better than Twilight? Well the BDB series really isn't in the same 'circle' so to speak since Twilight is YA and BDB is clearly adult. Some books that I would consider comparable to the BDB series would be the Sookie Stackhouse series, Stray by Rachel Vincent (only have read the 1st book in that series so far), Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian (again, have only read the 1st book in that series as well).

  11. @thelibrarianreads

    I honestly don't know what I would title the rest of the books in the series. But I agree with you, that would be a great question for the discussion :)

    And yes, BDB is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series :)

  12. I agree, Edward is more likeable/witty and him and Bella have more banter in the book. I hate that it doesn't quite translate into the movies.

    P.S... I love that you are doing Twilight Re-Reads!! Great Idea!

    I also do book reviews on my blog:

    I have aithor interviews and giveaways next week, so check it out!

  13. I love book edward WAY better than movie Edwierdo :) I hope this isn't the case with the Hunger Games movies :/

  14. I'm enjoying these Twilight posts. I love book Edward, they just didn't get him right in the movies. I never found his behavior to be psycho, don't know why because when I think about it, he is pretty stalkerish. I compare a lot to the BDB too. It's too hard not to! :)

  15. @Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading)

    Re-reading Twilight reminded me why I liked Edward so much. I totally lost that feeling after seeing the movie.